6 Prints Everyone Will Wear Instead of Leopard This Year

I have nothing personal against leopard print, but I think the trend has run its course. At one point, it was everywhere I looked, and now the hype seems to have tapered off a bit, which begs the question: Which fashion prints will rush in to take its place? I won't lie; it's hard to top the versatility of a forever print like leopard. (Please, don't go throwing out every leopard piece you own and tell people I told you to.) But that said, I already have an idea of the kinds of patterns that everyone will love as much as they loved leopard.

Bright and bold florals along with remakes on classics like polka dots and gingham are just a few examples of what's to come. And actually, I can happily report that fashion girls are already embracing these six print trends with open arms, as I've spotted a number of them showing off a printed dress or swimsuit on the 'gram. If you're not a print-wearing person, you might become one by the end of this list. Scroll down to discover and shop them all—and don't say I didn't warn you.

Full-Size Florals

Florals? Groundbreaking? Yeah, yeah, we know. Florals are a forever kind of print, but this year, they're getting a much-needed upgrade. Maximalists, we're looking at you. Large-scale overdrawn blooms are the florals du jour, especially those in psychedelic and '70s-inspired palettes that aren't for the faint of heart.

floral print trends


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Polka-Dot Party

Classic polka dots are one of those simple prints you've never really considered to be trendy, but 2020 is giving them a new life. Luckily, their monochromatic palette makes them one of the easiest to wear of everything on this list. 

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Picnic-Ready Plaid

Good-old gingham is making a comeback just in time for summer, and there's something so lovely about the check print in warm weather.

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Back to the Barnyard

All right, so just because leopard print is dying down doesn't mean all animal print is. Meet the next generation of trending animal prints: cow print. Since it's not as prevalent, there's something really fresh about wearing a pop of cow print via shoes or a bag. It's unexpected in the best way possible.

cow print fashion trend



Parisian Toile

Wallpaper print, illustration print, toile—however you describe it, the delicate hand-drawn pattern is happening. Reformation's linen dresses are a fan favorite, but really, the print feels right on any number of breezy summertime staples.

toile print trend



Delightful Daises

Teleport back to 1995 with these charming daisies that are found on everything from dresses to bags, shoes, jewelry, and yes, even a pair of $8 daisy-printed bike shorts you'll be hard-pressed to resist.