I'm Obsessed With Swimsuits—These 10 Were Worth Every Penny

I really love swimsuits. I mean, it's kind of abnormal how much I love them, especially considering I now live in New York and rarely get to wear them. I am originally from Orange County, so up until I made the major move across the country, summers looked like waking up, putting on a bikini and a big T-shirt, and heading to the beach every single day. That routine definitely helped me to grow into this swimsuit obsession that I still have today.

While I own an abnormal number of styles from many brands, I would be lying if I said I loved them all. Every time I go to put on a bikini or one-piece, there are always a few I am more drawn to than others, and today, I'm here to share with you the 10 that I swear are worth the money. From the fit to the prints to the styles, the swimsuits ahead are a step above the rest, at least according to my personal track record. 

Including the swimsuits I personally love and the ones that are currently on my wish list, go on to read about the swimsuits that are doing wonders for me this year. 

1. Revel Rey Lace-Up Bikini

This is just one of those bikinis that fit me like a glove. It highlights all the areas of my body I want it to, and it's so comfortable. The nude lace-up sides are so interesting and feel unlike any other swimsuit I own.


(Image credit: @laurenegg)

2. Anemone Daisy One-Piece

Anemone is one of my favorite swim brands as of late. If you're into the whole '90s aesthetic, this brand has nailed the look. I particularly love this daisy one-piece that has a super-low back. It's fun and summery and looks so cute with jean shorts and sarongs. 

3. Juillet Poppy Bikini

There is so much to love about this bikini. First of all, the high waist is so fun due to the attached belt and the loud print. The top is oddly supportive despite not having any underwire, which I love.


(Image credit: @laurenegg)

4. Oséree Glitter Bikini

This glittery (in a subtle way) bikini is the biggest flex. It looks fancier than any bikini I own but certainly doesn't feel like it. It's comfortable and extremely Instagram friendly. 

5. Ookioh Neon Bikini

We have now reached one of my favorite swimsuit brands, Ookioh. Besides being sustainable and affordable, the suits are always on-trend, and the colors are everything you'd ever want out of an easy summer bikini. 


(Image credit: @laurenegg)

6. Reina Olga Belted One-Piece

If you want to make a statement, Reina Olga swimwear is the destination. Between the contrasting prints and unique styles, this brand is pretty much the ultimate, and this particular suit is one that I keep near and dear to my heart. 

7. Juillet Eyelet Bikini

I love this bikini because it looks different but good on so many different body types. The stretchy bottoms allow you to wear them low or pull them up to look higher-cut, which makes you feel like you're getting two suits in one. 


(Image credit: @laurenegg)

8. Sidway Swim Tiger Bikini

Fun fact: This brand also sells a pair of swim shorts to match the top, and they are also perfect. But when I'm looking for an easy and comfortable bikini, I typically go for the regular bottoms. I love this brand, but this square-neck top has become my favorite of all the styles. 

9. WeWoreWhat x Onia Bikini

This bikini has given me a lifetime of compliments. There is something about the top that is clearly unique yet so easy to wear that makes it feel like the gift that keeps on giving.


(Image credit: @laurenegg)

10. Solid & Striped Belted One-Pieces

Solid & Striped makes the best belted one-piece swimsuits out there. The fit is always just right, and the belt hits exactly where you want it to. Plus, the brand manages to churn out designs that feel retro and modern at the same time. 

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