I Stopped Wearing These Shoes When I Started Working in Fashion


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I've always been quite interested in fashion, but I haven't always worked in fashion. My previous career was in the entertainment industry, and while I was always studying magazines, Instagram, and style blogs in order to stay on top of what was trending, it wasn't until I actually shifted career gears several years ago that I really gave my closet a thorough examination with that fresh fashion-editor mind-set. After all, my first job in the industry was as the assistant to our ultra-stylish CEO and co-founder, Katherine Power. Understandably, I wanted to look especially polished and appropriate; I started by giving my shoe collection an overhaul.

A few of the styles I decided to remove from my closet certainly had something to do with my having a more acute knowledge of what was "in" and "out." Not only did I quickly realized which shoes didn't make me feel as of-the-moment as others, but I also needed shoes that would hold up while I was running around all day but were still cool (no small feat). As a result, in the years since entering the fashion industry, I've made a point to build up my shoe collection to both reflect the latest trends and meet all of my life's needs. I also make it a point to regularly ditch styles I no longer wear to make room for new trends and classics that I acquire. Given that my shoes are usually the first thing I decide upon when choosing an outfit, you can see why keeping my shoe collection clutter-free would be of the utmost importance.

With that, read on to find out which shoe styles I ditched when I began working in fashion, and which I regularly buy instead.


Not only are block heels significantly more walkable than stilettos, but also, pointed-toe, V-neck block heels are especially flattering and on trend.

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I cleared out the wedge heels, especially when it came to sneakers and boots, to make way for timeless mules, which have become one of my most worn styles.

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While studded shoes feel dated, metallic leather shoes feel fresh, in every form from slides to ankle boots to sneakers, and are an excellent option when I need a break from basic black or camel kicks.

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Fringe boots had their moment, but these days, I invest in more classic ankle boot styles, like Chelsea boots. Acne Studio's modern iteration is a longtime favorite of mine. 

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Instead of flats with anything-but-subtle logos, these days I stick to timeless loafers that are sleek and structured enough to even wear out at night.

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Even when I'm just going to spin class or the pool, I've replaced flip-flops with just-as-easy-to-wear (yet infinitely more polished) slides. With options ranging from sporty to fancy and everything in between, I've found it quite easy to swap flip-flops for slides.

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Allyson Payer
Senior Editor

Allyson is a senior editor for Who What Wear. She joined the company in 2014 as co-founder Katherine Power's executive assistant and over the years has written hundreds of stories for Who What Wear. Prior to her career in fashion, Allyson worked in the entertainment industry at companies such as Sony Pictures Television. Allyson is now based in Raleigh, North Carolina, and is originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She holds a BFA in theater. Her path to fashion may not have been linear, but based on the number of fashion magazines she collected as a child and young adult, it was meant to be.