I Stopped Wearing These Shoes When I Started Working in Fashion

I've always been quite interested in fashion, but I haven't always worked in fashion. My previous career was in the entertainment industry, and while I was always studying magazines, Instagram, and style blogs in order to stay on top of what was trending, it wasn't until I actually shifted career gears several years ago that I really gave my closet a thorough examination with that fresh fashion-editor mind-set. After all, my first job in the industry was as the assistant to our ultra-stylish CEO and co-founder, Katherine Power. Understandably, I wanted to look especially polished and appropriate; I started by giving my shoe collection an overhaul.

A few of the styles I decided to remove from my closet certainly had something to do with my having a more acute knowledge of what was "in" and "out." Not only did I quickly realized which shoes didn't make me feel as of-the-moment as others, but I also needed shoes that would hold up while I was running around all day but were still cool (no small feat). As a result, in the years since entering the fashion industry, I've made a point to build up my shoe collection to both reflect the latest trends and meet all of my life's needs. I also make it a point to regularly ditch styles I no longer wear to make room for new trends and classics that I acquire. Given that my shoes are usually the first thing I decide upon when choosing an outfit, you can see why keeping my shoe collection clutter-free would be of the utmost importance.

With that, read on to find out which shoe styles I ditched when I began working in fashion, and which I regularly buy instead.