These 6 Fashion Designers Have the Best Personal Style on Instagram

An outfit idea can come from anywhere. Maybe you're walking down the street and you spot someone interesting out of the corner of your eye, or, as is more often the case, maybe you've carefully curated your Instagram feed to serve you up a handful of winning outfit ideas on the daily. If the latter sounds at all familiar, chances are you're always searching for new people to fill up your feed with fresh ideas.

Well, my Instagram-loving friends, you've come to the right place because today I'm sharing with you a group of women who are style experts in their own right but not always an obvious resource: fashion designers. Think about it: They're usually their own models, and, as such, their personal style is an extension of how they envision their brands being worn IRL—or is it the other way around? In any case, I've taken to following six of these creative women who have a notably strong presence on Instagram.

Keep reading to get inspired by fashion designers' personal style and shop the latest pieces from each of their brands.

Sarah Staudinger, Staud

You've seen her infamous handbags all over your Instagram feed and maybe you even own one (or three) of them yourself. Well, friends, now it's time to be introduced to the woman behind the cult-favorite brand.

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Walking isn't her strong suit

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donโ€™t have to get up to get down

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Aurora James, Brother Vellies

Whether she's going about her day-to-day in New York City or traipsing from one corner of the globe to another, the outfits James shares to her personal account bring her otherworldly creations to life.

Haley Boyd, Marais

Minimalism didn't go anywhere if you're asking Haley Boyd. The designer behind Marais, a line of pared-back sandals and ladylike heels, has a distinctly minimalist (dare I say "French-girl"?) style, which has earned her 60,000 loyal Instagram followers.

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@ullajohnson @jennyhlee

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Alana Johnson, Orseundย Iris

There's no denying that the celeb-adored NYC-based Orseund Iris is a veritable cool-girl brand, and designer Alana Johnson has everything to do with that. Though her designs have graced everyone from Emily Ratajkowski to Kourtney Kardashian, Johnson shows off how to wear the pieces in a really everyday way on her personal account and (bonus) shares glimpses of her design prototypes before they launch.

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i love al green <3

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Karla Deras Chambers, The Line by K

If you're a fashion blogger–turned-designer then, well, it goes without saying that you have a really strong sense of personal style. Karla Deras Chambers of her namesake The Line by K is both her own muse and best model, styling her pieces so naturally that she makes it seem like by shopping TLK you're really shopping pieces from her very own closet (which, by the way, is an enviable one).

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Alyssa Wasko,ย Donni

Alyssa is the designer behind Donni, the L.A.-based line of cozy loungewear and 'gram-worthy hair accessories. Every single one of her easygoing outfits is a case study in how to nail a laid-back look if you wear jeans and tees on the daily (read: accessories are vital).

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