Fashion Buyers Are Expert Shoppers—They Know Better Than to Buy These 4 Things

Fashion buyers are truly the first to know if an item or trend has lost its magic touch. And for them, it's all in the numbers. Whether it be declining statistics in trends like "blanket dressing" or just stagnant inventory in the micro bag category. Going to them for their opinions of trends is always a good idea because they've likely already reviewed a two-page study on the matter and have adjusted their buying strategy for the season. 

A fashion buyer attends runway shows and previews while also doing field research to find out what trends will come and go. It's their job to curate the expertly crafted collections at our favorite retailers and they have it down to a science. Mathematic formulas reveal to them how many units to buy of each item so they're never overstocked. With their day-to-day being so trend-driven, I had to ask for their opinion on what's currently on its way out. Below, you'll find the four things they know better than to buy right now.

Skipping: Casual Sneakers

Shopping: Elevated Loafers and Boots


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"As we go into the fall and winter seasons and temperatures continue to drop, a rubber-soled shoe is a must-have. This season, I have found myself focusing less on sneakers and more on loafers and boots that can be styled casually. Brands like Bottega Veneta, JW Anderson, and Ganni all have great options."


Skipping: Blanket Dressing

Shopping: Sleek and Structured Tailoring


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"We are seeing our customers shy away from the all-over heavy knit, 'blanket dressing' that was big last fall. This season, it’s all about a more sleek and structured look. I’m loving tailored blazers paired over a chic slip dress and all-over leather looks."


Skipping: Delicate Jewelry

Shopping: Oversize Statement Pieces


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"This season, I’m going to give some of my delicate jewelry a rest. I’m really excited to try out some XL statement pieces, especially with earrings or chunky bracelets. From bold gold to vibrant color and oversize shapes, I’m on the lookout for some new pieces that are meant to be seen!"


Skipping: Printed Dresses

Shopping: Sleek, Tailored, Separates


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"This season, I am replacing my printed dresses with sleek separates like a blazer paired back to an ultra miniskirt or a fluid trouser."


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