18 Recent Things I Bought From Amazon That I'd 1000% Buy Again

Tie Dye Top



Despite its massive reach, I somehow always find myself turning to Amazon when I want to find something that feels lesser-known and slightly unique. Perhaps it's due to the fact that the sheer amount of items on it makes the very act of shopping on Amazon a bit of a treasure hunt, but whatever the case, one thing's for certain: When I find something I like, I want to tell everyone about it.

The past few months, I've unearthed a handful of fashion and beauty items that have not only enhanced my life but made me return for more. There are the usual summer suspects: linen separates, comfortable sandals, fresh beauty buys, and so on. But there are also a few hidden gems you'll have to scroll down to discover for yourself. Ahead, see which 18 things I recently bought that I'd 1000% buy again (and that I think you should buy, too).

'Tis the season for cute straw bags and even cuter places to carry them to (aka picnics in the countryside). If you're hoping to snag one that doesn't look like everyone else's, head to Amazon to scour their selection of artisanal satchels, like the simple-yet-stylish one above.

It seems like everyone got the memo: headbands are back. Right now, a padded version feels especially relevant, and I love the soft pink colorway on this one; it pairs well with a little white dress and sandals.

I'm not sure why I waited this long to use face serums, but for one reason or another, I chose this one to be my first—and I'm so pleased with my decision. It brightens my face, and reduces dark spots and redness. 

I'm a bit of a hoarder when it comes to designer sunglasses, but every year when summer rolls around, I try to find a pair of "throwaway sunglasses" I won't be devastated if I accidentally jump in the ocean wearing. In other words, cheap sunnies that still look cute. 

Going on the record here that I'm all about the fancy tourist sandals trend.

Anklets are the perfect jewelry piece to help make even the simplest of outfits feel slightly more special.

If you have highlights, this mask is a game changer in all regards. I always have it in my bathroom for days when my hair is looking a little brassy.

Tie-dye is back in style, I hear.

I hate putting sunscreen on my face for obvious reasons, but this mineral SPF literally makes my face softer than when I started—it's pure magic.

Bucket hats are the accessory trend that keeps on giving this summer, which is why I snagged this little denim charmer for my collection.

Now that we're in the height of summer, all I want to wear when I'm at home is this oversize linen shirt.

I've yet to find a better drugstore lip color.

The bubble gum–pink ribbed bikini set of my dreams, actualized.

I've been wearing this easy gingham dress with a bucket hat and sporty sandals on the weekends. Comfortable, cute, and consistent.

I've never been a fan of Crest White Strips, so I gave the charcoal trend a go, and it works perfectly.

I'm attending a wedding in August that provided a cowboy boots dress code, hence these Western beauties. I'll be wearing them with a romantic floral dress all season long.

I stopped painting my nails a long time ago, but I've been craving something playful to replace the lacquer, and these little flower stickers are just the thing.

When you've got an elegant, pared-down slip like this one in your closet, you'll never have to utter the words "nothing to wear" again.

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