These Viral Fall 2023 Trends Are Already Shoppable at Nordstrom

Fall 2023 Trends From Nordstrom


Tory Burch

Fashion week, more than any other week of the year (apart from, well, the other fashion week six months later) is the time when inspiration is at its highest. After seven days of nonstop runway shows, presentations, and previews, it's almost impossible for outfit ideas and styling methods not to pour out of you—and that's before you even take into account street style. There's only one problem: You can't actually buy what's on the runways for at least six months, more if you're waiting for sale prices. 

Well, like most things in life, this is one issue that can be easily solved with a trip to Nordstrom. And to prove it, I went ahead and plucked seven trends straight from the fall/winter 2023 runway collections that literally just debuted and sourced market that's available right this second—no patience required. Keep scrolling to shop all of fall 2023's most viral fashion-week trends, from fishnet tights to metallic pants, at Nordstrom. 

1. Penny Lane Coats

Fall 2023 Trends From Nordstrom


Sandy Liang

The fuzzier the coats, the better, appears to be fall 2023's motto, with Sandy Liang fully backing faux-fur trimmed coats à la Penny Lane. And if cozying up just around the hems of your outerwear isn't enough for you, don't fret. Extra furry faux-fur coats and jackets are, too, trending, with highlights including those featured in Khaite, Rodebjer, and Interior's fall collections.  

Shop the trend:

A statement topper that's sure to bring in compliments galore.

Anytime I can hide what I'm wearing underneath with an extra-long coat, I'm going to take advantage of it. 

2. Fishnet Tights

Fall 2023 Trends From Nordstrom


Tory Burch

Arguably the biggest micro-trend of the week was the fishnet tights featured in nearly every look on Tory Burch's fall/winter 2023 runway. Simple yet impactful, the once-hated hosiery is ripe for a mega comeback. 

It's giving balletcore meets dark academia. 

3. Shearling Shoes

Fall 2023 Trends From Nordstrom


Hanna Tveite for Khaite

Designers' growing love of shearling and faux-fur shoes that don't just come in slipper form feels made for me (someone who loves the look of heels or otherwise stylish footwear without the cold, uncomfortable experience that comes with wearing them). Comfortable and dangerously chic, this pair from Khaite especially is calling my name, but the picks below are equally alluring. 

Shop shearling footwear:

I can't wait to wear these with cashmere socks for the ultimate hygge experience.

I'd wear heels every day if they looked and felt like this.

Finally, a pair of slippers that don't look like slippers. 

4. Metallic Pants

Fall 2023 Trends From Nordstrom


Proenza Schouler

Nothing will get people looking and talking about your outfit quite like a pair of metallic, gold or silver pants—period. Consider this look from Proenza Schouler's fall/winter 2023 runway show hard proof that I'm right. 

I can't believe this many sizes are still in stock given how discounted these pants from The Attico are. 

I'd give just about anything to wear these at least once. 

5. Peplum Tops

Fall 2023 Trends From Nordstrom


Filippo Fior/ for Brandon Maxwell

I never thought I'd be saying this, but peplum tops are back, and I for one can't get enough of them. Elevated far past the styles we once wore then later hated, this season's takes on the hourglass-adjacent silhouette are sleek, sexy, and ready to be worn day in and day out. For inspiration, look to Proenza Schouler and Brandon Maxwell. 

Shop peplum tops:

Run, don't walk to buy this top before your deeply discounted size sells out forever. 

No one's doing peplum as stylishly right now than Proenza Schouler, and that's a fact. 

6. Chili-Pepper Red

Fall 2023 Trends From Nordstrom


Greg Kessler for Gabriela Hearst 

Ask anyone who attended shows this season to tell you the color they spotted most on the runways and I guarantee they'll give one answer and one answer only: red. Specifically, a vibrant shade I'm calling chili-pepper red. Seen at Sandy Liang, Gabriela Hearst, Proenza Schouler, and more, this particular hue is gearing up to be 2023's most prominent color trend. 

Shop chili-pepper red:

Red tights were all over the street-style scene this season.

I recently acquired a pair of these, and let me tell you, they're even better in person. 

Trust me—you own enough navy, black, and gray sweaters. Invest in this color instead. 

7. Wrist Cuffs and Bangles

Fall 2023 Trends From Nordstrom


Don Ashby for LaQuan Smith

Last but certainly not least are wrist cuffs and bangles, a jewelry trend that really kicked off with Saint Laurent but has since grown into a much larger entity, with sightings across New York during fashion week, at brands like LaQuan Smith and Brandon Maxwell.

Shop wrist cuffs and bangles:

A simple addition that packs a ton of punch. 

This cuff is giving serious Saint Laurent vibes. 

Courtesy of Selena Gomez's wicked-talented stylist.