If You're Going on a Fall Trip, These 29 Items Will Make Packing Easier

What to pack for fall trips



Summer trips are lovely, but I tend to find that fall trips are the most magical trips of the year. The air is crisp, we're still excited to be wearing cozy clothes, and the scenery is lovely. That being said, fall is also a typically busy time of year, and I, for one, am always finding myself in a rush when I need to pack for a trip. Having the right essentials on hand makes this easier, so I made a shopping list of travel-friendly items for fall trips. I can say from experience that having great versatile pieces on hand truly makes packing easier.

Below, you'll find clothing and accessories that are great for the airport, trekking around the city, going out to dinner, or just lounging in the Airbnb. And if you don't have any trips planned, I'd still recommend many of these easy items for staying local. Scroll to shop my selections before things inevitably get busy.

These perfect jeans are the only pair you really need.

I plan on ordering Madewell's perfect new cropped tee in white and black.

This will keep you warm while making all of your outfits chicer.

They're as trendy as they are functional.

This looks so expensive IRL and it's the perfect weight for fall temps.

Be prepared for those chilly fall nights and mornings.

Cozy and on-trend is the ideal fall trip combination.

I love dresses like this for travel, as you can wear them day or night and they take up minimal suitcase space.

Denim jackets are particularly cool right now, and they happen to be perfect for fall trips.

I adore this compact, versatile bag for year-round trips.

Great for going out at night, and it won't take up a lot of room in your suitcase.

You may not want to think about the possibility of rain, but you probably should.

Cute loungewear is something I never forget to pack for fall trips.

I'm a big fan of this affordable Everlane blazer (which you obviously need for fall regardless).

Another great night-out piece that takes up minimal space.

Weather permitting, I highly recommend this cute skirt for pairing with sneakers.

Speaking of sneakers, you're welcome for putting these on your radar.

This looks like it was made for the aforementioned dress.

For chilly days, pair this pretty dress with a chunky cardigan and boots.

Going upstate (or anywhere outdoorsy)? Pack this.

Don't forget to pack a few chic accessories.

So chic, versatile, and perfect for layering.

I keep hearing great things about these Theory pants.

Just in case you have a fall wedding you need to pack for.

Additional sizes available here.

There's a 99% chance I'll order these for my fall travels.

I'm pretty sure I had a less-chic version of this bag in high school, and therefore, I want it.

If you need to pack a pair of heels, I adore this pair, and they won't take up much room at all.

You'll need socks, so they might as well be cool socks.