25 Random But Cute Fall Items I'm Buying On Amazon



Fall is almost here and while I am sad to have to say goodbye to summer, the current contents of my Amazon shopping cart are convincing me the change of the season won't be so bad. Fall 2020 has many fun new trends in store, and while I would love to throw down on all of the latest and greatest designer pieces, I find that an affordable Amazon shopping spree feeds me more. Since navigating the retailer that appears to have never-ending amounts of products can be overwhelming, I went ahead and did the heavy lifting for you. 

Here, you will find my small but mighty list of the 25 random but cute fall items I'm buying on Amazon. From pleated mini skirts to blazers and back again, this list stocks up on some of the heaviest hitters of the season, you'll see. 

This classic blazer is something you'll find yourself reaching for more often than not this season. 

Buying this skirt in every color wouldn't be a bad idea. 

In case you haven't heard, Amazon is the best place to stock up on cheap chain jewelry. 

Toughen up any fall look with ease by slipping into these chunky soles. 

Swap all of your summertime hair accessories for ones with darker hues. 

These pants plus that white Polo sweater and the Dr. Martens would be such a vibe. If you're asking me. 

Grunge is trending hard this season and a double-prong belt is the easiest way to tap into the aesthetic. 

Stock up on these if you know what's good for you. 

Honestly, I couldn't choose between this or the black. 

Tuck this cardigan into a pair of loose trousers for an easy summer-to-fall look. 

Wear these with ankle socks for a preppy school-girl vibe. 

You'll be surprised by how much these shoulder pads can transform your look.

Layer this dress underneath a boxy blazer and finish the look with knee-high boots. 

We're calling these the "skater" jeans. 

No one will ever guess these are just $50. 

This extremely basic dress can be worn alone, as a slip, or layered amongst cool outerwear. 

All the fashion girls are tying scarves around their heads as bandanas this fall and you should too. 

I love wearing these with my pleated mini skirt. 

Straight-leg jeans from a classic denim brand like Levi's are always worth the money. 

Before you judge, how good would this look underneath a big leather blazer?