I Audibly Gasped When I Saw These Trendy Under-$100 Buys

fall shopping finds under $100



My role as a digital fashion editor means that I'm constantly surfing the web in search of the coolest shopping picks to recommend to you. It also means that in a given week, I look at thousands of items to determine what's actually worth buying and recommending to you, lovely WWW reader. I won't lie—sometimes it does feel like I've seen it all. When you're scrolling through new-arrivals sections at the rate that I am, it takes something extra special to earn your attention. Despite it, the trendy buys you're about to see here are doing just that.

Remember when Carrie Bradshaw proclaimed, "Shopping is my cardio"? Well, I'm pretty sure she would have been talking about these fall shopping finds under $100. They're heartbeat-raising, shock-inducing, and all-around epic buys that are somehow, believe it or not, also affordable. Nope, it doesn't make sense, but I'm not questioning it. I'm simply adding them to my cart.

Ahead, see for yourself all the trendy buys that are impressing me right now.

This has me ready to ditch all my fall neutrals.

Not only are these cool, but they're also beyond comfortable.

The dress our editors can't stop texting each other about.

Jeans rarely warrant a gasp, but these are kind of the perfect slouchy shape.

No, we're still not over cutouts.

This color combo is really something special.

Okay fine, SourceUnknown. Take all my money!

No one will believe you spent less than $50 on this pretty piece.

It's not every day that you find a cool leather jacket for under $100.

This shade of blue does things to my heart.

Big rich-mom energy over here.

How is this only $95? It looks like it should be far pricier, just saying.

I saw our associate branded content editor Aniyah wearing this Afrm print recently and immediately took note.

If the '70s are your style vibe, you need these in your life.

Stunning doesn't even begin to describe it.

Unexpected but oddly really wearable and practical.

Speaking of cool affordable finds, see the under-$40 pieces our editors stan for fall.