You Knew It Was Coming—7 Shoe Trends to Wear With Skinny Jeans This Fall

Shoes to wear with skinny jeans



Not that this needs to be restated, but 2020 has pretty much been the year of sweatpants. But is anyone else kind of ready to mix things up, even if it means sacrificing a bit of comfort? (On a side note, you can always opt for skinny jeans with stretch, of which there are plenty). If it seems like year after year, we publish a story about the best fall shoe trends to wear with skinny jeans, you're not wrong. We're just trying to give the people what they want here, and they (you) want new shoes and skinny jeans.

We took a good look at all of the big fall shoe trends (that aren't slippers), narrowing it down to seven boots, flats, sneakers, and even heels that will look amazing with skinny jeans. We did the sleuthing now all you need to do is add your favorites to cart, if you're so inclined.

Keep scrolling to shop the top seven shoe trends to wear with skinny jeans this year, as well as a handful of our favorite jeans on the market in case you're need of a new pair.

If you prefer to channel a '90s cool girl when you wear skinny jeans, do so with a pair of chunky-soled loafers. And if you really want to show that you're in-the-know, pair them with an oversized plain flannel shirt to embrace fall's grunge trend.

If wouldn't be a fall shoe roundup without a pair of sneakers, now would it? This season, fashion is looking back a few decades and pushing '70s-inspired sneakers. If you're going for the casual-cool look this fall, you'd be wise to get yourself a pair.

We love the contrast of a pair of slim jeans with a chunky shoe, and that's exactly what you get with a pair of wellies (bonus points for being weather-proof). The bigger the lug sole the better.

This trend may seem a little random and niche, but trust us—ruched ballet flats are plentiful this fall. There's no denying that skinny jeans and ballet flats are perhaps the most timeless, classic jean-and-shoe pairing you can get, but this version is also a little forward.

Just like last year, knee-high boots continue to be a trend this fall, and there are more cool iterations that ever to choose from (i.e. patchwork and lug-soles). Just be sure to choose a pair with a shaft that's wide enough to fit over your jeans.

This one's a little outside-the-box for 2020, but if you're inclined to wear a pair of fancy heels this fall, make it a furry one. Shoes adorned with feathers and fur is the trend you're sure to see on fashion girls' Instagram feeds this fall. And pairing them with skinny jeans is the best way to make them feel a little more casual.

Chelsea boots are typically more of a classic style than a trend but this season, they're both. Whether you go for a traditional pair of a chunkier-soled one (basically similar to a pair of the aforementioned wellies but in leather), they're going to look perfect with skinny jeans.