The 3 Shoes Fashion Girls Will Be Wearing This Fall

While there are more footwear trends in any given season than one little roundup could ever do justice, today I thought I’d put together an easy overview of what think will be the most-worn shoe styles among the fashion set in the coming months. Covering boots, heels, and sneakers, I’ve narrowed in on the overarching themes that—even if trendy shoes aren’t your thing—you’ll probably want to buy into and/or wear this fall.

Why? Because not only are they undeniably "cool," but they're also versatile, not too out there, and available at a range of price points. So, really, anyone can get on board. Oh, and there’s a chance they’re already in your closet! To read about each one, get some styling inspiration along the way and, of course, shop them If you please, just keep scrolling.

1. Chunky Boots

From welly-inspired styles to leather lug-soled pairs in both high shafts and low, glaring chunkiness is the most important detail if you're looking for a trendy boot this fall. 

I don't know if glamping is for me, but this outfit definitely is.

You can never go wrong with black ankle boots.

Bonus: chunky boots just happen to go great with another major fall trend.

2. '90s-Inspired Heels

Thong heels, minimalist mules, embellished sandals, and in-between styles that are hard to put a label on are all easy-on-the-eye avenues to make this trend your own.  

Chains make every accessory cooler.

Thong heels aren't just trendy—they're flattering, too.

For a simpler approach, look for leather or embossed mules with a slightly curved heel.

3. Classic Sneakers

The sneakers of choice this season? It seems we’re still sticking to the classics and, as someone with simple style, I couldn’t be more into it.

All-white Nikes are a girl's best friend.

You'll be glad to know that those New Balances you bought at the beginning of spring are still cool.

Lastly, you can never go wrong with any iteration of Converse.

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