16 Pairs of Shoes Every Fashion Girl Should Own This Season

Fall Shoes 2019

If I could only buy one fashion item for the rest of my life, it’d be shoes—no question about it. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve just had a thing for them (apologies to the kindergarten classmates I constantly bugged to let me try on their Mary Janes). I mean, sure, I love a good handbag, and sometimes I’ll find myself lingering around the jewelry department, but my one true love is a size 9, and it typically smells like fresh leather.

When I was browsing NET-A-PORTER recently (a common pasttime), I couldn’t help but notice the retailer’s incredible selection of shoes, many of which I’d previously seen on the feet of fashion girls around the globe. I knew as soon as I clicked on a pair that I’d opened Pandora’s box: I found myself with a shopping cart full of boots, mules, heels—you name it. Keep scrolling for all the shoes you need this season, whatever the occasion may be! 




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