The Chicest Fall Nail Colors That Aren't Burgundy, Black, or Navy

Don't get us wrong—we'll protect (and continue to wear) our collection of signature fall nail colors for the rest of our days. Brooding cult-classic shades of burgundy, purple, rednavy, brown, and rich emerald never go out of style and meld nicely with plummeting temperatures and our re-emerging sweater collection. But, in all honesty, said fall nail colors are 150% predictable. With all of our favorite nail polish brands debuting crisp new colors and collections for the fall season, why not expand our fingertips' (or toes'!) color horizons?

We've surveyed the newest, most exciting nail colors and trends for fall, and ahead, we're highlighting 15 less-predictable shades we suggest putting on your looming fall beauty roster. From less-expected neutrals to less-expected flamboyant colors, we can't wait to lacquer up our nails with some help from these chic, warm-and-fuzzy nail shades. Keep scrolling!

1. Juicy Cranberry

Less intense than your typical burgundies or maroons, a fresh shot of cranberry is still rich and fall-leaning. 

2. Rosy Caramel

Nudes are great all year round, but this hue of caramel (spiked with rosy undertones!) feels especially cozy for fall. 

3. Ivy

Get ready for compliments. This mossy green-yellow shade will become your new neutral this fall.

4. Mystical Moss

Meet the equally flattering sister to your favorite fall shade of emerald. Creamy and highly pigmented, this slightly bluer take on the seasonal classic is great to have on standby.

5. Blueberry Cobbler

The brand describes this striking fall nail color as an antiqued shade of gray-violet, but it also reminds us of one of our favorite fall desserts—that's not apple or pumpkin. It's one of our favorite shades from Zoya.

6. Shimmering Pumpkin

That said, we still love this juicy, slightly gilded shade of orange that's perfect for pumpkin picking and carving season.

7. Coal Gray

OPI's Scotland Collection is the stuff of fall dreams. The color we're craving most? This sleek, cool shade of coal gray. Plus, that jaunty name just can't be beaten. 

8. Ballet Slippers 2.0

No, we're not asking you to put away everyone's favorite cult shade of baby pink forever, but for fall, how stunning is Chanel's Organdi? An irresistible cool nude pink.

9. Tartan Yellow

Orly's lovable shot of custard yellow is a hit for summer and still has legs for fall. (It's one of the few polishes in our kit that we're seamlessly transitioning into next season.)

10. Ochre

J. Hannah is one of our all-time favorite nail polish brands, and pretty much every shade was made for your fall wardrobe. That said, if you're looking to switch out your cherry pop shade of red this season, look no further than this rustic shade of ochre. 

11. White Chocolate

White is the antithesis to fall's inevitable wave of jet-black nail colors. But we prefer this slightly warmer, creamier take, which is a chic compromise between ho-hum beige and summer's stark whites. 

12. Studio 54 Rose Gold

Aila's shimmering shade of rose gold nail color called #LikeABoss is one of our favorites for fall. It looks great stacked with jewelry and is more subtle than some of the chunky glitters that flooded our IG feeds all summer. 

13. Royal Velvet

We're asking you take the name of this pretty new fall shade seriously and break your typical rotation of almost-black fall purples. This vibrant shade from Deborah Lippmann is the perfect antidote for fall polish fatigue and is limited edition—making it all the more covetable. 

14. Deep Forest

This deep forest green is an enchanting alternative to fall's obvious shades of navy, sapphire, or emerald. 

15. Bewitched Black

Sorry, but we can't start talking about fall beauty trends without a little bit of haunted innuendo. You Don't Know Jacques from OPI is a mysterious and gorgeous pick for fall, as it's not quite purple, not quite red, not quite black, but a rich medley of all. 

16. Steel Blue

Essie has blessed us with some incredibly beautiful polish shades for fall, but this unexpected steel blue-gray shade is winning our hearts right now—the perfect beauty accent to cross over into fall. 

17. Mid-Day Mocha

Nothing conjures up the ambiance of fall quite like a warm color palette of toasty browns—hot coffee, chestnuts, golden leaves. This nail polish is the perfect embodiment of it.

18. Warm Ash

With underlying warm tones, this ash-gray hue is unequivocally bewitching. 

19. Glossy Fuchsia

A fuchsia polish will add a flash of mood-boosting flair to your nails this fall. 

20. Frosty Gray

An understated yet elegant washed-out gray is seriously versatile—perfect for everything from business meetings to weddings.

21. Dark Teal

Universally flattering, this rich, dark jewel tone is tracking as one of the coolest colors for fall.

22. Pastel Blue

Creamy, pastel hues are back in a big way for fall—an invigorating alternative to the deeper blue hues we see during the colder months.

23. Soft Orange

Give the pumpkin hues of fall a softer touch and watch the compliments roll in.

24. Shimmery Copper

Metallics continue to dominate our feeds. We're particularly loving a shimmery warm rose gold to spruce up our nails in style this autumn. The perfect accompaniment to our LBD.

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This post was published at an earlier date and has since been updated.

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