5 Foolproof Layering Combinations to Try This Fall

 All throughout summer’s hottest, most sticky months we’re posed with the challenge to wear the least clothing possible. However, come fall (like, right now) everything shifts gears and once again we’re able to get creative with clothing combinations—including a new layering formula or two. Whether it’s reimagining your basic button-down shirt or concocting new ways to spice up that classic pair of trousers, fall is all about the layers.

That being said if after pulling your autumn wardrobe out from storage you realize you’re in need of a few new pieces, might we make the suggestion to peruse Who What Wear’s collection at Target to stock up? It’s filled to the brim with timeless and trend-forward products that all check in at under $50.

Scroll down for five fall layering combinations that involve a piece from our collection, and if you have any go-to formulas, share them with us in the comments so we can try them out.