I Study Trends for a Living—These 7 Are Guaranteed to Go Viral on Instagram

The only thing I do more than scroll through new arrivals and study runway images is stalk Instagram in search of new trends. My saved folder is a treasure trove of ever-evolving fabrics, colors, silhouettes, and accessories, all of which are minutes away from going full-on viral. My latest curation is one of my best.

From high-shine accessories and knife-sharp footwear to 2.0 overalls and completely sheer lace, the trends ahead are fast on their way to Instagram fame. Scroll down to see how these fall fads and many more are manifesting on our feeds as we speak. And while you're at it, shop each one to bring them into the physical world.

Thanks to brands like Balenciaga and Prada, pointed toes are quickly replacing the round- and square-toe shoe styles that have been commonplace on social for the last half a decade or so. But this year's point-toe footwear isn't just sharp—it's knife sharp, with toes so pointy they could probably cut you. 

Shop the trend:

I've been seconds away from buying these on at least 10 occasions. Now's my shot. 

No boots will get you more compliments (or likes)—period. 

Last year, micro miniskirts were all we saw on Instagram—the shorter the style, the better. This time around, though, the skirts becoming ubiquitous online aren't short at all. Rather, they're more often than not floor-length and made of denim, allowing for more wearability now that the weather's cooling down. 

Shop the trend:

I can't believe I could have this skirt for this price. Truly, I'm shocked.

Every fashion girl has their eye on this skirt RN. Trust me. I have the texts, DMs, and Slack messages to prove it. 

Less practical but equally chic are the sheer lace dresses, tops, skirts, and jumpsuits that have been popping up everywhere online. Thanks in part to lace's popularity on the fall 2022 and spring 2023 runways, the sheer trend combines the rising grunge trend with the naked one that's been building season by season ever since lockdown. 

Shop the trend:

Dare to wear this dress with just a simple black bra-and-underwear set and a killer pair of boots.

Interior's latest collection was packed full of sheer, gothy lace pieces that will be everywhere come spring. 

No trend has risen to viral fame quicker this season than 3D flowers, which seemingly overnight attached themselves to every top, choker, dress, and pair of strappy heels on the market. Prominent on the spring runways at Blumarine, Chanel, and Prada, this is one trend that, despite its quick rise, won't be dying down anytime soon. On the contrary, expect to see it become even more ubiquitous on Instagram in the coming months. 

Shop the trend:

Check off this trend for under $20, because why not?

The absolute prettiest LBD I've seen in ages.

The link to this top has been making the rounds on WWW Slack this week.

I swear every swipe on my Instagram feed in the last month has been met with something silver and shiny, whether it's a pair of Prada heels or a Zara bag. And it's not just accessories. Coated jeans, leather jackets, slip dresses, and more have, too, been dipped in liquid metal this season. 

Shop the trend:

These are far from your average light-wash jeans. 

I've never wanted a pencil skirt more in my life. 

Six months ago, I would've avoided my frumpy overalls at all costs. But after spotting one too many pairs on chic Instagram accounts, my opinion on the workwear one-pieces has done a complete 180. 

Shop the trend:

I can't wait to practice styling these. 

These coveralls are where utility and fashion meet.

Anyone who says tights haven't always been cool is simply out of touch. That's not to say that hosiery doesn't experience the same peaks and troughs as any fashion item, especially when a chic variation starts popping up everywhere online. Such is the case with sheer knee-high socks, which offer up a cool, less constricting option for when full-on tights just aren't the vibe.