From Bella Hadid to Rihanna, 6 Celebrity Instagram Poses That Are Very 2022

For some, the key to going viral on Instagram is simply posting a photo of their very recognizable face. For others, a bit more work is often required. One thing that most definitely can be said about the first group I described is that they got to where they are for a reason. Celebrities are always ahead of the trends, and they also know how to pose for a photo. After an extended analysis of my favorite celebs to follow on the 'gram, I noticed some of recurring poses that I have to share.

Everyone from Bella Hadid and Rihanna to Lizzo and Ariana Grande are participating in these Instagram trends. You’re going to want to try them yourself, so allow me to break them down for you. These are the six poses that our favorite celebrities approve of.

"Stars—they're just like us!" An off-guard photo in bed, often staged with loved ones, has been a favorite pose for our favorite celebrities as of late. It's raw, natural, and real, so try it for yourself. 

Stage your photo shoot with these pieces:

The traditional headshot is so 10 years ago. Instead of a basic photo of your face, try posting a mirror selfie. Extra points if it's from the waist up showing off your favorite top.

A personal favorite has to be the skincare selfie. Next time you put on your favorite mask and sit down with a cup of tea, stop and document the experience. Your Instagram followers will thank you.

"On the way" to a very fun night out? Here's what to do. Annoy your friends by begging them to take a photo of you in the back seat of the Uber. Kylie Jenner did it, and so should you.

This pose is the perfect way to show off your arm candy:

Everyone looks cuter from this angle, so try it for yourself. Get down low and have a friend take a photo of you from above for a Kodak moment you won't forget.

Should you opt for the beach-blanket iteration, try this look:

The photo dump trend is the perfect way to not take Instagram too seriously. After a fun weekend with friends, it's pretty much required to create an album of your favorite memories. Celebrities are no strangers to this fun way to collect memories.