These 20 Fall Eye Shadow Looks Are Totally Flawless

Moving into the cooler months is all about finding transitional makeup looks that stand the test of time (and the weather). The departing pops of color and shimmery shades of summer make way for fall's intense neutrals and deeply rich hues. And while we've been counting down the return of warm-toned smoky shades and classic tones, the eviction of bright colors can stump even the most creative eye shadow artist. Luckily for you, we've rounded up the dreamiest eye shadow looks for fall that you'll want to add to your repertoire ASAP.

1. Smoke Show


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The classic smoky eye is back for pre-evening appearances. Create a true smoky look by blending a dark gray shade in the crease and smudging an opaque black along the lash line.

2. Shine On


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You don't need an entire palette of tints and tones to create a truly spectacular eye shadow look. This gorgeous shimmery taupe on the entire lid (from lash line to brow bone) is proof any masterpiece can be a one-shade wonder.

3. Green Machine


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If you're not quite ready to bid adieu to the bright pops of summer, this transitional look is your final curtain call on color. The emerald and gold shimmers add a sunny touch to this smoky look.

4. Spice Girl


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Fall is all about the PSL, and a spicy copper is just as necessary on your lids as it is in your cup. This reddish-brown shade with a hint of shimmer on the entire lid instantly warms things up. Pair it with dewy skin and a neutral lip.

5. Two for One


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There's one thing separating a good eye shadow look from a great one: A contrasting eyeliner. This soft peach tone on the lid brightens up your sun-starved complexion, while the plum wing makes it feel totally fall-appropriate.

6. Silver Lining


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Instantly pump up the glam when you upgrade your matte grays for a shimmery silver. Apply it in a winged shape for a space-age look that always feels right.

7. Party on the Top


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Make your go-to smoky look feel party-appropriate with the addition of a light-catching gold glitter. Line your entire eye with an inky kajal liner and use your finger to pat a shiny shadow on your entire lid.

8. Water Color


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Fall screams texture, from faux furs to patent leathers. Work it into your makeup look when you layer an eye gloss over a matte rust-colored shadow.

9. Pumpkin Patch


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Orange always feels undeniably fall-appropriate. We love how this makeup look embraces the cozy color in more ways than one. A sweep of this pumpkin-inspired color across your lids looks just as gorge blended on your cheeks. Finish with a graphic yellow eyeliner, and you have all the colors of the season in a single look.

10. Walk the Line


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We love a good glitter moment—even in the fall—and this one is by far the easiest to recreate. Use an eye shadow brush to apply a chunky black glitter in your crease. And the best part is the messier it looks, the cooler it feels.

11. Red Alert


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If this rich burgundy eye shadow look doesn't scream fall, we don't know what will. The deep reddish-purple shade is surprisingly wearable, too. It's not far off from a rich brown, but when it catches the light, a burgundy shadow gives you that cool-girl flair only a bold color can give you.

12. In the Cut


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A vintage-inspired cut crease in varying shades of brown is always a good idea. Keep lighter shades on the inner corners and center of the lid and darker shades blended into the crease and outer corners for a doe-eyed effect.

13. Silver Smoke


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Super-dark shades of black can look jarring on lighter skin tones. For fair complexions, iridescent silver and darker grays can give you a smoky look without washing you out.

14. Hot Chocolate


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There's nothing like creamy chocolate shades and melty caramels to get you in the mood for a really good eye shadow look. This all-brown eye proves the neutral color is anything but boring.

15. All That Shines


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While summer is synonymous with dewy skin and glossy lips, that doesn't mean you can't translate shine and shimmer to fall-inspired looks. Try a copper shimmer on the lids, paired with a dark wing, and finish the look with a ginger-colored gloss on your lips.

16. Make It Monochrome


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Why stop your shadow at only the lids? Drag the same shade (preferably a warm terracotta tone) around your lower lash line for a monochrome look that feels fall to its core.

17. Get Your Wings


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While we rarely put down our trusty eyeliner, we love how this look replaces the cat-eye staple with a single shade of eye shadow. Apply a black shadow in a sharp wing and blend it inwards and into the crease for a graphic take on eye shadow.

18. Between the Lines


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When the rest of your is hiding under fall layers, take your opportunity to show off your peepers with an eye-catching look. This graphic shadow design will turn heads with its sharp wing, defined crease, and matte gray shade in the center.

19. In the Navy


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A moodier version of our teal takes on summer, this smoky navy look gives the classic eye shadow style an unexpected twist. Swap your black shadow for a sapphire shade in a matte finish to recreate this look.

20. Match Maker


(Image credit: @selenagomez)

A full face of matchy-matchy orange, copper, gold, and russet tones is surprisingly dynamic. A tonal shimmery shadow look that gradates from gold to copper looks classic with a twist when paired with a simple cat eye and rust-colored lip.

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