What I'm Buying to Dress Better This Fall

Listen, I’m not saying I’m a bad dresser or anything—at least I hope not—but you know when you just feel like you need to step up your game? I guess that's me right now, and after six months of leggings and sweats thanks to quarantine and a pregnancy which is nearing its final days, I’ve decided fall is going to be the season where I get my groove back—even If I am still spending the majority of my time at home. No, I’m not talking about becoming a completely different person, rather just a more polished and put together version of my recent self.

So, my hope with the below items is that by adding them to my wardrobe, I’ll be basically ensuring that I couldn’t not look amazing, even if I tried. Whether combined or on their own, these pieces upgrade and elevate your fall wardrobe with minimal effort and maximal impact (and that’s my kind of purchase). So, see, read about, and of course shop all six, just keep scrolling.

1. Polished jackets 

Fall Shopping Guide



While they certainly do complement trousers as seen above, polished outerwear (including blazers, shackets, and trenches) will magically make anything you wear look elevated, too. Whether you lean towards leggings, jeans, or even sweats on the regular, investing in a sophisticated top layer is the first step to always keeping it classy.

Fall Shopping Guide



When athleisure is your norm, jeans are an upgrade. However, if like me, you’re still not quite ready to dip back into your collection of tight and rigid jeans, I suggest looking for comfortable pairs to ease the transition. Think anything baggy, with stretch, or both. 

3. Bigger bags

Fall Shopping Guide



Between hand sanitizer, masks, and more, lately I’ve found myself needing to carry a lot more around with me than in the past. Sadly, this has rendered my extensive collection of mini bags nearly useless and often left me carrying a random tote just to fit everything I need for an outing. In buying bigger (but still chic) bags, I’m hoping to give my outfits an extra element of polish while also making my life easier.

4. Matching sets

Whether it’s a suit, something silky, or a knit situation, an outfit comprised of coordinating pieces will always look put-together. Thus, a matching set is like a shortcut to looking chic no matter how much time you have to get ready or where you’re headed.

I own countless pairs of sneakers and more heeled boots and shoes than I know what to do with, but I’ve somehow always avoided those in-between styles that are not too casual but still flat. Since heels are usually off the table these days and sneakers have been doing little to help me feel more “dressed,” this season I’m hoping to expand my offering of flat-but-fancy-feeling footwear.