Chic Coats Are My Kryptonite—I Completely Fell Apart After Discovering These 30



Given the size of my New York City apartment, not to mention its complete lack of closet space, I should not be allowed to own as many coats as I do. Yet, 50% of my home's capacity for stuff is made up of them, from trenches to wool dress coats to cropped styles made of shearling and leather. To the dismay of my boyfriend, the coats are taking over. But that's never stopped me from buying another when one comes along that's simply too irresistible to pass up. And with this year's selection already shaping up to be dangerously tempting, I doubt 2023 will be the year that it does.

The no-doubt most-wanted coat of the season is one that's long, tailored, and sleek, akin to the ones debuted by the likes of Khaite, Saint Laurent, and more brands in recent seasons. But once you've checked that box, there are still plenty of chic options to focus on next, from scarf coats (I finally caved and bought the Toteme one earlier this season) and leather trenches to shearling jackets and peacoats. Shop this year's most desirable coats, as chosen by a certified outerwear fanatic, below. 

Starting off strong with this perfectly tailored maxi that can make any outfit look sleek and put together. 

Gray coats are slept on too often. Just look how good this one is. 

I simply had to cave and purchase this coat before the season starts and it sells out like it has every other fall and winter since it debuted.

If you've already checked off a black coat, try one of the other three colors this one comes in. For this price, it would be irresponsible not to.

I'm not kidding. This coat lives in my dreams. 

The bigger the shoulders, the better the coat—period.

That collar has me legitimately drooling. 

Levi's doesn't just make stellar denim. The brand's outerwear is elite as well. 

The kind of goes-with-everything coat every wardrobe needs.

If you want to cover up your outfit, this is the perfect coat length for you.

This cocoa-brown color has me in a choke hold.

Under $100 for this beauty? Who am I to deny that kind of deal?

I just think peacoats are the coolest. Everyone I see wearing one just emanates wealth. 

Elsa Hosk really popped off with this one. 

I love the fabric on this one. 

I'm in love with the way this coat fits. 

It's basically two coats for the price of one, or the price of half of one, since this bad boy's currently 50% off.

If you're looking to invest in one coat this year, this navy robe coat is a great option. 

This green trench will have strangers on the street asking, "Where'd you get your coat?" I promise.