3 Fall Boot Trends This 50-Year-Old Is Obsessed With (and 2 She's Passing On)

If you ask me, age is irrelevant when it comes to what you can and can't wear, but what I've learned from speaking with my mother and her friends is that at a certain age, finding relatable sartorial inspiration is hard. While we always try to prioritize age inclusivity here at Who What Wear, every once in awhile it's nice to actually hear from someone who has been around the trend cycle a few more times than I have and who identifies more closely with an older age group. Today, you'll have the pleasure of hearing from the insanely stylish 50-year-old influencer Renata Jazdzyk on the fall boot trends she is the most excited to wear.  

Surprise, surprise—we also made her dish on the boot trends she's way over to not only keep things interesting but also to keep your closet in check. If you are reading this thinking you couldn't possibly fit one more pair of boots in your closet, take it from Renata and potentially ditch the two boot trends she is parting ways with this season. Trust me—the ones she plans on stocking up on are so good that you won't even miss the others. 

Ahead, find out which boot trends Renata is parting ways with this season in addition to the five she can't wait to stock up on. 

Boot Trends She's Over

Wedge Boots

"I will be hiding them deep in my wardrobe, and to be honest, I don't think they will be coming any time soon (if ever!). This season, when it comes to investing in boots, I will be choosing between welly boots and thigh-high boots."

Peep-Toe Boots

"Who hasn't had peep-toe over-the-knee boots at some point? Let's face it—we all loved them, they were fun and sexy, but not anymore. The definition of 'sexy' boots has changed, and this means no more peep-toe knee-high boots. To be honest, I don't think any of us will be sad about getting rid of them. After all, they were never truly comfy! My toes were always freezing in them."

Boot Trends She's Into

Welly Boots

"Probably one of the most unexpected yet one of the most exciting shoe trends. This season, it's all about welly boots, and you can wear them with everything from tailored shorts to girly dresses. The most important thing? They are really comfy!"

Combat Boots

"The trend that was very in style in the '90s is back and it's not going anywhere: combat boots. I remember wearing these kinds of boots when I was younger, and I must admit, I'm happy that this trend is in fashion again! How to wear them? Pair them with delicate dresses or with socks and fishnets (like Dior)." 

Western Boots

"I'm a big fan of cowboy boots. I think I have them in every color and style from short ones to over the knee! So I'm happy that this trend is still in fashion! To be honest, you can wear them with everything. The sky is the limit. I recently started to wear them with bright party dresses but I will also wear them with long, oversize chunky knits!"