I Might as Well Have a PhD in Expensive-Looking Zara Finds—Here's What to Buy RN



Listen—we all have our special skills. Aside from being an excellent gift wrapper and making the most delicious scrambled eggs you'll ever taste, I’m also really good at finding expensive-looking Zara pieces. This can prove pretty useful when I want to put together a luxe outfit but don’t want to spend my entire paycheck on pricey designer goods.

In winter, it can often be difficult to look chic when the weather is dreary and you find yourself reaching for fleece sweats and a puffer most days. Luckily, this winter, Zara has plenty of posh-looking pieces that will elevate your outfit in an instant. Whether it’s a sumptuous sweater with sleek details or a cool oversize wool coat, below, I’m putting my expertise to good use and sharing the most expensive-looking Zara finds that will make you look like you spent a lot on your outfit.

Whether you’re looking for casual everyday pieces or something for a special night out with friends, keep scrolling below for plenty of chic winter inspiration.

I've personally tried these and they're so sleek.

Love the '90s silhouette of this chic knit top.

So many layering opportunities.

I've tried this suit on and it looks so luxe.

A seriously chic draped top.

The coolest transitional topper.

I've seen this in person and still can't believe it's just $50.

The color every fashion girl is wearing right now. The neckline is stunning.

This whole ensemble is perfection.

Give your outfit a fashion-forward touch.

Amp up your jeans with these metallic slingbacks.