8 "Boring" Bags Women Over 40 Know Have Longevity

We'd be lying if we said we didn't love a statement bag in all its beaded, colorful glory. But the thing is that when it comes to bags, nothing is a better use of your money than a classic, "boring" bag that will never go out of style. And no one knows that better than stylish over-40 celebs, who are constantly being photographed, and have probably learned a thing or two from the stylists throughout their time in the public eye.

The beauty of a "boring" bag is that you don't have to have "boring" style to appreciate one. They go with everything and suit many style types, so you can't go wrong. And while not every bag on this list is designer, this type of bag is one that you can feel good about investing in. So what constitutes a "boring" bag, you ask? Typically it's a leather bag devoid of bells and whistles, in a shape that's been around for years (e.g., a top-handle satchel or a crossbody).

Keep scrolling for the eight "boring" bag styles women over 40 have been carrying for years.

Beige Bags

One could argue that beige handbags are even more versatile than black, as they work for all seasons and don't clash with anything. 


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On Amal Clooney: Zac Posen jacket and dress; Michael Kors bag; Jimmy Choo shoes

Classic Logo Bags

A classic designer logo bag elevates any outfit it's paired with. Always has and always will.


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On Julianne Moore: Louis Vuitton Noe Bag ($1590)

Structured Black Leather Totes

Jennifer Lopez is loyal to her Birkin bag, but you can add just as much polish to your look with a structured black leather tote of any brand.


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On Jennifer Lopez: Hermès Birkin bag; Alexander McQueen Sneakers ($490)

Classic Crossbody Bags

Can't you just tell that Jennifer Aniston appreciates that her Chanel crossbody frees up her hands? We know the feeling.


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On Jennifer Aniston: Bottega Veneta Single Breasted Blazer ($2270); Chanel bag

Structured Clutches

A clutch will always be the gold standard for evening events, despite the fact that the whole handheld part is a little high-maintenance. But you can't argue with the fact that it looks incredibly chic.


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On Victoria Beckham: Victoria Beckham shoes

Top-Handle Satcheles

Top-handle satchels will always be one of the most elegant bag styles on the market. Nicole Kidman is strong proof of that.


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WHO: Nicole Kidman

Oversize Shoppers

Some days you just need to schlep a lot of stuff with you, so you might as well look good while you do it. Those days call for an oversize shopper.


Flap Shoulder Bags

There's a reason the most popular Chanel handbag is a flap shoulder bag. The style works well with both dressy and casual outfits, will always look current, and is comfortable to wear.


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On Angelina Jolie: Valentino bag

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