So Emily Ratajkowski Wore the Lowest Low-Rise Pants With a Crop Top

Emily Ratajkowski and her abs took a stroll with her very cute new puppy around NYC earlier this week, and low-rise pants will never be the same. Yes, this is a bold statement, but when you see how she wore them, you'll get it. You can probably recall back in the early 2000s when It girls like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears turned tight, low-rise jeans into one of the biggest trends of the decade. That trend took a sharp decline earlier in this decade when high-waisted styles became fashion girls' go-to style. But they've been creeping back into relevance again.

EmRata went in the opposite direction of the low-rise styles in years past and wore a pair that was as wide as they were low. She paired the trouser-style pants with a matching double-breasted blazer and white sneakers, which made for basically the most alluring suit dressing ever.

See Ratajkowski's 2019 version of the low-rise-pant trend, and shop similar styles (that are a bit higher) below.

Emily Ratajkowski low-rise pants


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Low-rise-pant trend 2019


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