What to Never Wear to a Workout, According to Venus Williams

EleVen by Venus Williams


EleVen by Venus Williams

As far as I'm concerned, there’s no one better to look to for activewear advice than Venus Williams. The seven-time Grand Slam champion has been training since she was four years old, so it’s not an exaggeration to say that she lives in workout clothes. Not to mention she's been designing her own tournament and practice clothes for her EleVen by Venus Williams brand for over a decade, so she's a next-level expert. Ahead of the launch of EleVen's new Love Leopard collection, available now, I was thrilled to chat with Williams about the new pieces and her activewear essentials.

I first asked Williams about what she would never wear to play tennis or work out, to which she responded, "That's a really good question, so I hope this answer works: I need me some stretch! If something is restrictive, you can't put your best foot forward. I need something that performs with me so I'm not distracted on the court." Wise words, indeed. 

I also took the opportunity to ask Williams about the workout fashion basics everyone should own. "Believe it or not, a bomber jacket is an underrated workout essential," Williams told Who What Wear. "It's fashionable and really functional. My Flash Forward Bomber Jacket from this collection is that perfect piece to layer for a nighttime outdoor workout. It comes in our Love Leopard print, and the collar is a lurex rib so it has this nice sparkle. It's definitely one of my favorite pieces from the collection."

To complete your workout capsule, Williams suggested two more essentials in addition to a bomber jacket. "I also swear by a good sports bra. You need support while you work out, and not to be biased, but my EleVen sports bras are the best out there," she said. "I also swear by my Seamless Smooth Leggings. They are perfect—my whole family has a pair!” 

Now that you're armed with Venus Williams–approved outfit tips, scroll down to shop the new Love Leopard collection from her EleVen brand.