I Finally Did a Closet Clean-Out—See What I'm Keeping (and Ditching) This Summer

Unfortunately, I'm a clothing hoarder. Even when I do clean out my closet, I keep items in bags for months on end before I'm ready to say goodbye to them for good. As my closet floor started to get less and less visible this past month, I decided it was time for the inevitable closet clean-out. I didn't get rid of a ton, but just doing a simple edit across my clothes has been a game changer. It's only been a week or so since I cleaned, and I'm already having an easier time getting dressed in the morning.

As much as I try not to, I do end up making a few impulse purchases influenced by trends I see online, and let's just say they don't get worn as much as I imagined they would. Now that I've taken the time to really sit in my closet and analyze, I can see common themes in what I wear often and what items just don't work for me. So the next time I find myself wanting to buy into a trend, I'll have more intel on whether I'd actually wear it. I wouldn't go through the whole closet clean-out process without taking you along with me, so keep scrolling to see what made the cut and what got the boot.

Keeping: Simple Flats
Ditching: High-Heeled Sandals



I'm prioritizing comfort more than ever, so I thought it was finally time to part ways with the high-heeled sandals that are collecting dust in my closet. I never thought I'd be a flats person, but the variety on the market has just gotten better, so I'm happy with my sartorial change.



I'm guilty of holding on to raggedy T-shirts longer than I should. Instead of old tees, I've been reaching for high-neck tank tops as my summer layering essential. 

Keeping: Relaxed Knits
Ditching: Cropped Cardigans



I did buy into the cropped-cardigan trend and unfortunately found them difficult to style in the long run. I'd rather have relaxed and easy knitwear for the chilly summer nights. In the daytime, I like throwing them over my shoulders to act as an accessory.



I wish puff-sleeved tops were flattering on me, but I just find them a tad uncomfortable. This summer, my number one shirt essential is a loose button-down. I already own a few colors and wouldn't mind another addition or two.

Keeping: Maxi Skirts
Ditching: Billowy Dresses



As a modest dresser, billowy maxi dresses seem like a no-brainer purchase. But after feeling like I need to buy them, I didn't end up wearing them often. I'm short, so they often swallow me up, and I find it hard to style them repeatedly without my outfits looking the same. Skirts, however, are my summer saving grace. They offer the same modest silhouette as a maxi dress but can be styled both casually and dressed up.



I'm sorry, crop tops, but oversize T-shirts are superior in my closet. They're extremely comfortable, and with the right styling, they can look unbelievably chic, which Christie proves above.