I'm a Fashion Writer Who Wears Sneakers Every Day—These Styles Have My Attention


(Image credit: @banniakabread)

If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that any time, any place, I’m going to show up in sneakers. Whether it be a business meeting, errands, or even to go out at night, there is a sneaker out there for every occasion. Now that I’ve collected enough sneakers to match most outfits and settings and I don’t technically need any more, I’m very picky about the styles I introduce into my wardrobe. For a pair of sneakers to capture my attention these days, it has to be beautiful on the inside and out, add something to the conversation, and have a personality that is compatible with mine—you know what I mean?

The styles below range from extremely functional hiking sneakers that have spiked in popularity lately to the white sneakers nearly every fashion person owns and purely lifestyle sneakers that are best suited for a party. I’m saying yas to all 31 pairs linked below. Keep scrolling to check out the six different styles that have my attention and all the sneakers on my wish list.


Vintage-inspired sneakers had a huge comeback the past couple of years and for good reason. These styles go with everything, are usually affordable, and are a great way to cover your bases. Plus, you can count on them never going out of style.


The sneaker style I didn't see coming was easily the hiking/trail sneakers. For those of you that also happen to like hiking, these are a Godsend, especially for the sandy, highly slippery trails all over Los Angeles. 


Wearing sneakers is, in fact, a lifestyle choice, so I propose looking at this category like heels or boots—purely for fun. Go for pops of color or interesting styles that will spark some joy every time you look down.


It is so hard to find running sneakers that are cute! Luckily, brands like Nike, ASICS, and On are coming with that fire these days and giving us some great options. 


I only discovered this genre of sneakers recently and haven't looked back. These blend components of flats and sneakers, which makes them super versatile. Plus, they give the appearance of longer legs by showing some skin.


When I was growing up, my 4'11'' mom wore nothing but platform shoes and high heels, so these give me nostalgia. Platform sneakers are ideal for my girlies who like a little boost but still like to be comfortable.

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