I Shop All Day for a Living—These Are the Coolest Things I've Seen This Month

Take your thinking cap off and throw on the one that lets you make impractical-yet-fun decisions because it's time for the latest roundup of the coolest pieces I've seen all month long. Let me tell you—they're good. From statement bags to covetable shoes to skirts, tops, and dresses that were made to stand out, below, you'll find 36 fashion items for the season ahead that you might not necessarily need but will probably want anyway.

Don't worry. Even if you're not looking to actually shop, I guarantee, at the very least, you'll enjoy perusing over what I've curated below. At least, I did! To get started and see for yourself, just keep scrolling, and when you're done, why not appeal to your rational side and check out this roundup of basics women at every age love.

I implore you to click through so you can see the full extent of how cool this bag is.

Your comfortable night out is calling.

You'll have so much fun mixing and matching these.

I'm not gonna lie—I was not expecting this comeback.

Here's proof you don't need to spend a fortune to get expensive-looking jewelry.

Why opt for a basic sweater when this exists?

This is so cool that I bought it.

One brand that always gets it right is Coperni.

BRB, I'm thinking of a reason to gift myself this earring.

Fun fact: The fur cuffs are detachable for a more low-key vibe.