In Between Washdays? Here Are 12 Easy Curly Hairstyles to Bookmark

For women blessed with curly hair, it’s a well-known fact that despite learning to love every coil, there are days you just wish there were more easy hairstyles in your rotation. After all, it’s hard enough to find the perfect curly hair products, and learning about what type of curly hair you have can be a journey in and of itself. But luckily for you (and for curly headed editors like me), we don’t have to find all the answers alone. Sure, there’s no universal method for every curl texture to look its best, but there are hairstyles we can save to try on those days when our curls aren’t looking their most poppin‘. So ahead, you’ll find 12 easy hairstyles for curly hair that women swear by. That’s right. You’re going to want to bookmark this article.

Easy curly hairstyles for when you want to pull your hair back:

Easy hairstyles for curly hair, top bun with bangs



WHO: Melody Acevedo 

WHAT: 3B/3C curl pattern 

WEAR: Top bun with bangs 

Not having the best curly hair day? Melody's easy hairstyle is perfect for you. She shared, “This hairstyle is a lifesaver because if your curls don't look good, you only have to worry about defining your bangs. It takes me five minutes to do this hairstyle.” 

What you'll need for this hairstyle:

To get this hairstyle, Melody loves using the Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel because, in her words, “it gives me the definition for the bangs and a sleek look for the bun!”

Easy hairstyles for curly hair, sleeked back bun



WHO: Tacha 

WHAT: 3B/3C curl pattern 

WEAR: Sleek low bun

Searching for a low-effort hairstyle that looks polished no matter what? Look no further than Tacha with her sleek low bun. She explained, “I swear by a sleek low bun or even a ponytail. It instantly makes me feel polished and chic.”

What you'll need for this hairstyle:

Tacha continued, “For this style, you'll need a good hard-bristle brush. This is the key to getting all the curls, kinks, and coils to lay flat and neat.”

Easy hairstyles for curly hair, pineapple with a silk scarf



WHO: Hortencia 

WHAT: 3A/3C curl pattern

WEAR: The pineapple 

What easy hairstyle does Hortencia swear by? She shared, “Aside from the classic wash-and-go, my favorite curly style is definitely the pineapple. Now that my hair is longer, I like to grab a few clips and bring some of the curls together to form a more pineapple/round shape. It’s such an easy and quick style, and it gets my hair out of my face!”

What you'll need for this hairstyle:

The tool Hortencia swears by to re-create this look? “My silk scarf. It’s perfect to achieve any style without worry, and I love that I can easily bring my hair back down dent/crease-free!”

Easy hairstyles for curly hair, claw clip



WHO: Meredith 

WHAT: 3A/3B curl pattern

WEAR: Hair up with a claw clip 

Meredith shared, “When in doubt, grab a claw clip! I love to pull some pieces out in front for a cute, stylish, and effortless look. It’s such an easy curly hairstyle and takes me 10 seconds or less.”

What you'll need for this hairstyle:

To achieve this look, it’s all about finding the right hair clip for the length of your curls. Meredith shared, “When my hair was longer, I loved to use the big claw clip that I found on Amazon. Now that my hair is shorter, I love this really cute small one that was gifted to me by Mulberry and Grand. All I do is pull two strands out in front, twist my hair in the back, and secure it with the claw clip. I love how my curls pop out on top.”

Easy hairstyles for curly hair, hair up.



WHO: Najal Judd 

WHAT: 4A/4B curl pattern

WEAR: The pineapple

Okay, so maybe this is the second mention of the pineapple, but in Najal's words, “This is, by far, the easiest style I ever do. It looks super cute, and you can get a little creative with your edges and swoops. It is perfect for when you want to do something fast but still show off those curls.” 

What you'll need for this hairstyle:

She continued, “For this style, I like using Briogeo’s Curl Charisma Coil Custard. It makes my hair super soft and gives my curls some definition.”

WHO: Ashly Rodriguez 

WHAT: 3B/3C curl pattern 

WEAR: Pineapple with bangs 

Looking for a hairstyle that combines all the easiest pulled-back looks? Look no further than to Ashly's easy style. She swears by this look because “this style is so versatile! It's a cute way to switch up your basic wash and go while you're on the go. All you need is a hair tie. If you don't have bangs, you can create faux bangs with a few bobby pins!”

What you'll need for this hairstyle:

Other than a few bobby pins, Ashly recommends using “Goody Ouchless XL Extra Thick Elastic Hair Ties. These hair ties are perfect for holding thick curls up in the right place!”

Easy curly hairstyles for when you want to protect your texture:

Easy hairstyles for curly hair, twist outs



WHO: Samia Hampstead 

WHAT: 4B curl pattern 

WEAR: Twists 

Protective hairstyles are, by far, the easiest hairstyle for curly hair, which Samia knows very well. She told us, “This year, I've been staying pretty loyal to passion twists. I just keep redoing them. It’s so easy, and I'm obsessed with this look. I feel like I always look young and fresh with them—true island girl vibes, haha.”

What you'll need for this hairstyle:

Samia shared, “I use a crochet hook to achieve this look because its the simplest way. And I use a combo of SheaMoisture's Leave-In Milk and jojoba oils to keep it looking very natural and hydrated.”

WHO: Chanel McKinsie 

WHAT: 4C curl pattern

WEAR: Twists, box braids, any protective style 

If you’re overstyling your curls, opting for a protective hairstyle is a great idea. What exactly are the benefits of a protective style? In Chanel's words, “They help to minimize knots and tangling and damage to your hair. Low-manipulation hairstyles like twists also help your hair to grow.”

What you'll need for this hairstyle:

Another tip that can help your hair grow? Chanel shared, “Rice water is an excellent natural hair remedy, as it promotes hair growth and repair. The amino acids strengthen hair's roots as well as promote smooth, silky, shiny hair!”

Easy curly hairstyles for when you want to wear your hair down:

Easy hairstyles for curly hair, wash and go



WHO: Farah Pink

WHAT: 3B/3C curl pattern

WEAR: Wash-and-go 

While wearing your curls down may not seem like the easiest hairstyle, Farah begs to differ. She told us, “I love my curls the most when I style it in the shower and let it dry on its own throughout the day.”

What you'll need for this hairstyle:

Farah continued, “My favorite way to remove the extra water from my hair after applying the products in the shower is by wrapping it in a cotton-tee towel instead of a regular towel. This also helps to control the frizz. I swear by Hair Repear’s towel, but an oversize T-shirt works, too.”

Easy hairstyles for curly hair, clipped back



WHO: Lynn Kate

WHAT: 3A/3B curl pattern

WEAR:  Pulled-back bangs with a mini hair clip

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that still shows off your curls but keeps them out of your face, Lynn Kate’s easy hairstyle idea is perfect for you. She shared, “The hairstyle I swear by is the mini hair clip to pull back a section of my hair. I love it because it makes my hair shorter in the front, causing it to look more bouncy and voluminous.”

What you'll need for this hairstyle:

She continued, “All you need for this hairstyle is a small clip. Take some of your front top curls and clip them together. You can also brush that section a little bit to make it look sleek. It elevates your look, plus it keeps your hair out of your face. I love it—so easy and simple.”

WHO: Anna Dominguez 

WHAT: 3B curl pattern

WEAR: Half up, half down 

It’s not an easy-hairstyle roundup without the beloved, half-up, half-down look. Fellow editor Anna shared, “I usually let my hair dry naturally and have been experimenting with styles that aren't just slicked-back buns (my true go-to). I love this one because my hair stays out of my face, but I still get to show off my natural curls.” 

What you'll need for this hairstyle:

She continued, “I always use Olaplex No. 6 after the shower and throw in whatever curl cream I'm feeling that day. (I have a lot!) Right now, it's Maui Moisture Curl Quench Curl Smoothie. After it air-dries, I pick it out a bit and separate however much hair I want in the top pony and voilà!”

Easy hairstyles for curly hair, side part


WHO: Ashley Nylander

WHAT: 3A/3B curl pattern

WEAR: Side part, curls down 

Sometimes, the easiest curly hairstyle of all is just embracing your curls. And for those days you’re struggling with your hair, let Ashley attest to the power of embracing your coils. She told us, “I used to only wear my hair straight and focus on taming it as much as possible. Now, I embrace my natural curls as much as I can, and that gives me confidence. I love big, voluminous hair and wearing my hair flipped to one side to exaggerate that volume.”

What you'll need for this hairstyle:

No matter where you’re at in your natural hair journey, the tool Ashley swears by for wearing her curls down is, “the Dyson hair dryer. I diffuse upside on low heat for 30 minutes. It helps with cutting down drying time, increased volume, and definition.” Because the easiest curly hairstyle is the one where you dry and go out into the world, curls and all. 

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