The Most Low-Maintenance Fall Trends for the Most Low-Maintenance Shoppers

Easy fall trends 2018


The Style Stalker

Call it low-maintenance, call it lazy, call it time-efficient, but when it comes to shopping and staying on top of trends, the truth is that not everyone has time. Whether you aren't interested in wearing all the "cool" things or are looking for the most practical fall pieces that still feel relevant, you've come to the right place.

Ahead, shop the most low-maintenance fall trends of 2018. Each of the below categories was shopped out for the woman on the go, the fashion girl who hates planning ahead, and the person who is wondering why people even care about trends in the first place. Basically, if easy, functional, but still cool is a description that excites you, good luck resisting the fantastic fall finds below.

Dad Fleece

It might be strange honestly because it is, but "dad" fleece is officially a fall trend fashion girls are living in this season. Throw on one of these cozy toppers with anything from your favorite pair of jeans to sweatpants, and you have yourself an on-trend look that requires little to no effort. 

Chunky Sweaters

Fall wouldn't even be fall without an array of chunky, soft sweaters piled somewhere in your wardrobe. Slip into these on the weekend or pair them with tailored trousers. The outfit opportunities are endless when it comes to this style, each requiring less effort than the next.

Lug-Sole Boots

If low-maintenance is what you're looking for, you have absolutely zero time to think about which "cute" shoes you own will make it through a slushy snowy walk to work. Well, good thing lug-soled boots are actually in style. Wear a pair of these and you'll be fooling everyone by having them think you wore these for fashion versus function.

Thin, Printed Turtlenecks

At first glance, this might not look a shirt trend that should be described as "low-maintenance," but hear me out. Thin, printed turtlenecks are the layering item that will save you this winter. They can be worn alone as a cool top or underneath a chunky sweater to add that pop of color and an extra layer of warmth. Basically, if you want to look cool with minimal effort, this is the trend for you.

Oversize Outerwear

Anything oversize is your best friend during the cooler months. No matter what you're wearing underneath, an oversize coat of any nature will cover you up, look cool, and keep you warm.

Mock Croc

The most low-maintenance way to add some texture and polish to your fall outfits is via mock-croc accessories. The trend goes with just about everything meaning whichever iteration of the style you choose—belt, shoes, or bag—the addition will have you feeling 100% in no time.

Perfect Plaids

Plaid is a trend we see come around season after season. Treat this classic pattern as a neutral and you'll be surprised by just how many items in your closet pair perfectly with the beloved style.