15 Earring Storage Ideas Your Jewelry Collection Needs

It seems like every few months, I have to rotate my earring collection, as my pairs will sneakily go missing. I’ll lose an earring backing first; then one from each pair will somehow get lost in the mess of my jewelry stand until finally I give up trying to find the missing pieces and purchase a new pair. Sound at all familiar?

As anyone with pierced ears knows, keeping all your earrings together (especially the dainty ones) is pretty much impossible unless you’ve got the perfect earring storage situation figured out. In which case, please share your knowledge with me. In the interest of getting organized right before the holiday chaos ensues, we’re sharing our top tips for keeping your dresser space and jewelry collection looking as neat as possible.

From simple solutions to creative DIY projects, these earring storage ideas prove that organization can look a lot like décor. Go on to see all the aesthetically pleasing ways to house your earring collection, and shop the earrings to fill them up.