Blink and You'll Miss It—the Cult-Loved Dyson Airwrap Is *Finally* Back in Stock

I always feel bad when my family and friends ask me what my all-time favorite, desert-island beauty product is, because nine times out of 10, it's unfortunately sold out. That's right—if I could only choose one beauty product to use for the rest of my life, it would be the Dyson Airwrap.

In the beauty realm, I can categorize my life as before Dyson Airwrap and after Dyson Airwrap. Before I had a Dyson Airwrap, my hair only looked good if I got it professionally done in a salon. No matter how many beauty tools I had at my disposal, I was absolutely miserable with my hair. Not only am I not very good at styling, but I also have incredibly thick, unruly hair that typically takes upwards of an hour to dry—let alone style. 

After getting my hands on a Dyson Airwrap, I can confidently say that I have more good hair days than bad. The Airwrap makes it incredibly easy to achieve a professional-looking blowout in no time. While the Dyson comes with a steep price tag (nearly $600), it honestly pays for itself within a few uses.

I never recommend pricey beauty products to people in my life (whenever a friend comes to me for recs, I always ask them their price point and recommend products well under that) but the Dyson Airwrap is one of the few products that I always tell people to invest in if they're able to. It works well on all hair types (yes, even tighter-wound curl patterns), cuts down drying and styling time, and doesn't damage hair. 

While the original Dyson Airwrap will always have a place in my heart, if you're looking to invest in the tool, I really recommend the newest version, the Dyson Airwrap multi-styler Complete, which is finally back in stock. Of course, the original Airwrap is still one of my favorite products of all time, but the newest version is tricked out. The latest iteration of the Airwrap allows you to switch curl direction just by twisting a knob rather than swapping out the barrels, it has longer barrels (which is a godsend for anyone with mid-length to long hair), and it also has a flyaway attachment that makes blow-drying hair a breeze.

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