I Never Want to See My Sweats Again—Here Are 4 Dress Looks I'm Wearing Instead

While my comfy tie-dye pants and various matching sets held a special place in my heart over the past year, at this point they've overstayed their welcome. Summer is truly here, and I think it's time we go our separate ways (at least until fall rolls back around). Instead, I’m embracing the art of dressing up again (I miss it, you know?) while remaining secretly super comfortable, which means reserving a hefty chunk of space in my wardrobe for breezy summer dresses.

I’ve spotted a few different dress silhouettes pop up across the fashion set, and my stylish friends have been going on about the selection at Macy’s for months now. Whatever summer trends you're into—tiered details, anyone?—I can guarantee there’s a dress or 10 that will speak to your stylish soul this summer. Personally, I’m planning on any styles that guarantee staying comfortable while still looking like a dime, and thanks to my friends' outfit reccos, I'm fully able to do so. Shop their favorite summer-dress outfits below.


"I wear dresses like it's my job," Anneliese Dominguez tells me as I request her assistance in helping me find a go-to dress this summer. Like the expert she is, she recommends I go with the breeziest and loosest silhouette I could find: "They're so light and easy to wear. Wear 'em with heels for an event or sneakers for running around."

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When I said I wanted an option that was particularly loose and tiered, I was thinking about this modern shirt dress.

Y2K called, and it wants to come back into our wardrobes in the form of this shoulder bag.

The perfect nostalgic accessory for pulling your hair back on a hot day.


Keyma Morgan, who is often single-handedly responsible for convincing me to inject color into my outfits, tells me that this summer she's all about an ultra-versatile denim dress. "It's the ultimate summer item. I plan on dressing it up and down for brunch dates and happy hours to date nights at home." Make like Morgan and add a summery pop of color via your accessories or embrace a beachy vibe by sticking to your favorite neutrals.

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Not quite yet back in the mood for heels? This dress would be equally perfect with a pair of flat square-toe sandals.

These look way more expensive than they actually are.

Another outfit, another jaw clip. An essential for summer, if you ask me.


I'm sure you're tired of hearing me say this, but Natalie Cantell sure knows how to throw an outfit together. Her thoughts on summer dresses? It's all about comfort. "I'd like to pretend that requirement comes from a year of WFH, but it's basically always been my style MO," she tells me. "White dresses are so effortless, and this relaxed silhouette paired with a chunky sandal keeps it feeling modern."

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Honestly, name one thing more ready for summer than this dress. I'll wait.

Neutral flats are the summer footwear staple you'll never regret purchasing.

Like I said, the Y2K trend is here, and it does not want to leave.

I'm convinced a gold anklet is the quickest way to elevate a summer look.

I turn to Kelsey Floyd any time I need some advice on finding pieces that have that "don't bother me—I'm a rich mom on vacation" vibe. Floyd's thought process for putting together effortless outfits is, simply put, to keep things effortless. She tells me dress outfits are so comfortable and easy to put together, they elevate her look with zero added work. See? I didn't lead you astray: Dresses truly are the gem of summer fashion.

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If shorter dresses with long sleeves are more your thing.

Padded footwear (think soft and slightly chunky) is also a major summer trend, and I love how it's subtly incorporated into this budget-friendly sandal.

Speaking of pillowy accessories, don't sleep on the revival of this classic bag.

If you're looking to invest in jewelry for summer, this freshwater-pearl bracelet manages to feel both on-trend and timeless.

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