How to Achieve Doe Eyes, the Innocent-Looking Makeup Trend Sweeping TikTok

Another day, another battle between TikTok makeup trends. You've probably heard of siren eyes—the sultry, elongated cat eyes that have been sweeping social media for a while. Now, it's time to make room for doe eyes, siren eyes' innocent-looking counterpart. Think Maddy vs. Cassie in Euphoria. Maddy is alluring and edgy, Cassie is wide-eyed and sweet looking, and that's pretty much the difference between the two makeup trends. 

"Doe eyes are more doll-like," says celebrity makeup artist Hailey Hoff. "To achieve this eye look, you may want to add bigger or longer lashes and white liner on the waterline, which will give more of a circle effect to the eye. This look does not need a wing effect and can also be achieved by smudging your eye shadow under the eye, highlighting in the corner of the eye and brow, and adding lashes that are longer toward the center of the eye rather than the end."

Doe eyes have already been recreated by tons of creators on TikTok, and the look is beginning to pick up steam. Keep reading for the major celeb takes on the trend, plus the best products to recreate it at home. 

Let's be honest. Sydney Sweeney practically invented doe eyes. This version has everything you need for an eyes-wide-open look: white eyeliner on the waterline, a slightly winged eyeliner, and tons of lower-lash drama. 



For the ultimate doe eye, look no further than this iteration on Odeya Rush. It's a pretty spot-on example of the trend—lashes galore, a bright waterline, and a slightly elongated outer corner. 



Zoey Deutch's smoked-out, lash-heavy look is the perfect example of a subtle doe eye. Brow-bone and inner-corner highlights are key for a look like this.



It's impossible to look sweeter than Laura Harrier. This look relies on superbly curled lashes and smudged liner around the outer corners. 



Ariana Grande is never one to shy away from a makeup trend. The star is well known for her sharp cat eyes, but recently, she's been sporting more pared-down looks that make her eyes pop. 



With a white waterline, C-curve lashes, and subtle eye shadow that helps make her eyes appear bigger, Jessica Alba is perfecting the doe-eye look here. Rosy blush makes her look even more fresh-faced. 



Megan Fox's take is kind of like a siren-eye and doe-eye hybrid—a look like this gives you the best of both worlds. To achieve it, extend your eyeliner a bit longer than you would for a simple doe eye, but line the waterline with white and focus on putting fake lashes toward the middle of the eye. 

The ideal neutral eye shadow for a base. 

Pop this on your brow bone and inner corners for a dreamy highlight. 

Add these to the center of your eyes to make them appear larger. 

A metallic white helps define your waterline while also adding a bit of shimmer. 

This volumizing mascara is essentially liquid lash extensions. 

If you prefer a full lash strip, it's tough to beat these fluttery lashes from R.E.M. Beauty. 

This precision brush allows you to smudge out your makeup with ease. 

If you'd like to add more precision, this liquid eyeliner is key. 

If you want your lashes to shine, you need a lash curler that's up to the task.