This Is How Women Style Denim Around the World


Takuya Shima

When you think of casual, universal clothing, denim naturally comes to mind. Talk to Amy Leverton, author of Denim, and she will remind you that denim is an ever-evolving personalized article of clothing that should be continuously celebrated. Amy has “been working in the denim industry since 2003. She was previously head of Denim and Youth Culture at the trend-forecasting website WGSN and now operates her own company, Denim Dudes, out of Los Angeles.” To add to those successes, she decided to write Denim to spread the love of denim across the globe, as one does.

“This book is an ode to the enduring cool of denim and the creative ways it can be worn, showcasing unique and inspirational looks from denim lovers across the United States, the UK, Europe, Asia, and Australia,” Rizzoli tells us. Highlighting some of the most stylish women around the globe and the one-of-a-kind ways they style their favorite denim trends are just the half of it—getting a glimpse into each of their lives is the other.

Ahead, enjoy getting to know a select few of the ladies featured in Denim by Amy Leverton as we show you how each of them style their favorite denim trends. From New York to Bangkok, get ready to shop incredible denim styles you can wear no matter where you’re from.

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