Travelling? Don't Forget to Pack These 10 Items for the Perfect Holiday Wardrobe

Winter has hit hard here in Sydney, and while we’re begrudgingly adapting to the weather by adding a few new coats to the rotation and investing in some weatherproof boots, our minds are admittedly elsewhere. With the changing seasons comes the annual Australian migration to warmer parts of the world. Whether this means you’re counting down the days until you’re in Europe, Asia or even the good-old-U.S.A., it’s likely that there are a few key pieces you should stock up on before you go.

There’s nothing worse than reaching your destination, only to find you’ve forgotten something essential and come to regret it for the duration of the trip. Packing can be tough, and when it’s cold here, it can be hard to transition back into the summer mindset. But never fear: We’ve got you. Learning from our own mistakes, we’ve curated a list of items that will make for the perfect holiday wardrobe. So get ready to shop; you’re about to have your most-prepared (and stylish) holiday to date. We guarantee it.

A big hat



This one may be a little extra, but you get the idea. Sunbathing all day sounds like a fab idea until you end up looking like lobster for the rest of the trip. Bring a wide-brimmed hat to protect you from the sun. Your skin will thank you.

The basics

While it’s easy to find yourself throwing sundress after sundress into your suitcase, don’t forget to pack a few basics like jeans and a t-shirt. This will ensure you’re ready for any activity that arises, be it a bike ride or evening walk around the city.

Levi's are a universal necessity.

A fun dress

And for those times when you do want to feel a little more festive, don’t forget to pack a fun dress. Opt for one that work either day or night to save space in your luggage. A maxi like this can be dressed up or down, with a little help from makeup and accessories.

Perfect for a seamless day-to-night transition.

A stylish swimsuit



If you’re going to the beach, you’ve likely already thought of this one. But even if you don’t plan on swimming during your holiday, pack one just in case. You never know if the opportunity could arise, and if it does, you don’t want to miss out.

A warm jumper



Even if you expect the weather to be warm for the duration of your trip, always pack a jumper or two. Temps can change quickly, and it’ll be nice to have something to throw on once the sun goes down.

You'll never want to take this cosy knit off.

Walking shoes

It can be tempting to pack only your favourite sandals and heels, but you’ll be so glad you brought along a pair of sneakers. Even if your trip consists of pool-side lounging and leisurely dinners, chances are you’ll have a day where you’re keen to explore. To say the least: Exploring in discomfort is miserable.

The classics, but in bold colour.

A statement top

While it’s great to have basics on hand, you’re also going to want something a little more “fun” to pair with them. A statement top is perfect for throwing on with jeans, whether you’re headed to the museum or out for drinks.

Comfy outfit

Pack (or wear) a comfy outfit for the plane. You’ll already be enduring the burden that is flying so help yourself out and don’t try to go over-the-top with a celeb inspired airport outfit. Sure, we all like to imagine paparazzi waiting for us on the tarmac, but fun fact: Celebs probably just change into that seconds before stepping onto the runway. There’s nothing cute about having your jeans constrict you for hours on end.




If you’ve ever forgotten to pack sunglasses on a trip, you know just how frustrating it is. Not only do they add aesthetic appeal to all of your outfits, but they’ll keep your eyes protected on sunny days.

Your favourite jewellery



I will admit, it may seem risky to bring your favourite jewellery on holiday, but if you have something that you wear every day, your outfit may feel a little lacking without it. One piece of advice to note: If it’s something precious, bring it in your carry-on. It will save you a lot of anxiety in case your luggage gets lost.

Pack these pieces, and you'll be ready for whatever your holiday has in store.

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