9 Chic Candles You'll Find on Every Fashion Girl's Feed


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There are a few things you can expect to see when scrolling through the Instagram feed of the world's chicest women: beautiful designer handbags, jaw-dropping shoes, perfectly put-together outfits, etc. But one other thing I've noticed fashion girls love to highlight is actually non-fashion related. So what is it? Interiors. Gorgeous homes, chic museums, and curated vanities grace the feeds of fashion girls regularly, so I started to pay attention to the little details included in these shots.

One item no fashion girl is immune to is an aesthetically pleasing candle. They grace the bedside tables, vanities, bathrooms, and coffee tables in the homes of the coolest women on Instagram, and there are a few brands you'll see repeated on almost everyone's feed. From the chic French brand whose packaging elevates any bedside table to the cult-favorite fragrance house with the most mesmerizing scents, below are the nine chic candle brands fashion girls love.



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Ciré Trudon is the French candlemaker that has been creating beautiful candles since 1693 (the oldest wax-producing factory in the world!). Known for its rich, gold seal, Ciré Trudon's scents smell just as heavenly as the packaging looks.



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You're probably already in love with Le Labo's mesmerizing fragrances, but did you know the brand makes candles too? That's right—you can burn your favorite fragrance for the whole room to enjoy. Also, the minimalist packaging that Le Labo is famous for looks just as lovely on a candle.



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Another French candle company fashion girls love is Diptyque. Based in Paris, Diptyque's candles have minimal packaging and smell divine, which is probably why most chic fashion girls have them in their homes. 



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It's easy to see why fashion girls would flock to Maison Margiela's Replica candles: All the packaging is beautiful and each scent is meant to transport you back to a place that's in your memory. From Lazy Sunday Morning to By the Fireplace, these scents will make you feel reminiscent of a warm past experience.



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Malin + Goetz is famous for its minimalist packaging and natural ingredients, and its candles are no different. M + G's beautiful candles not only look and smell amazing but they are also at a more affordable price point than some other luxury candle brands. 



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Boy Smells is one of those brands that's always selling out—and for good reason! The brand's aesthetically pleasing packaging and reasonable price point make this purchase a no-brainer.



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The ultimate minimalist candle brand is Byredo, with its beautiful typeface and white negative space. If you're looking for a candle that instantly elevates a space, this is it. 



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When you think of classic elegance, you think of Jo Malone. One of the original luxury candles brands, Jo Malone, creates beautiful candles in more scents than you'll be able to choose from.


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Another affordable option fashion girls can't get enough of is Maison Louis Marie. The extremely minimalist packaging (featuring only the brand name) and intoxicating scents make for a beautiful addition to your coffee table. These also make lovely gifts.


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Caitlin Burnett
Contributing Editor