I'm Moving Into a New Apartment—5 Home Décor Trends I'm Adding to Cart


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Like most people, I've spent more time at home this year than ever before and it's pushed me to the realization that I'm craving a space of my own. So after years of living with roommates, I finally took the plunge and moved into my first solo apartment and I can already tell you that there are definite pros and cons to living alone, but one huge upside is the ability to decorate my space however I please. And you can bet that I have so many styling ideas in mind. 

As a style person, I'm always keeping an eye out for the freshest trends and while my attention is usually on fashion trends, moving into a new apartment has been the perfect opportunity to dive into the world of home décor and find my own interior design taste. My research has taken me down Pinterest rabbit holes as frequently as it's taken me to furniture showrooms and overall I've pinpointed five motifs that I'm keen on decorating my new space with.

From the bouclé couch of my dreams to '60s inspired color palettes, continue on to see the best home décor trends that I'm personally backing, read about why I'm drawn to them, and then peruse some of the furniture, art, and décor objects currently residing in my cart for each theme.

1. Bouclé Fabrics

Bouclé and sherpa furniture popped up on my radar this year and the texture not only gives these pieces a luxurious feel, but it's also wildly comfortable. Although the CB2 sofa below is my dream piece, I'll settle for an apartment-friendly accent chair or pouf.


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2. Organic Shapes

Squiggles, waves, and body-inspired forms are a big theme in home décor that I can't stop seeing everywhere. With all things '60s on the rise, many of these organic shapes have a retro appeal to them. As an apartment-dweller, I enjoy that this trend is easy to get in on no matter what size space you have as there are a plethora of options from area rugs to tabletop objects.


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3. Checkerboard Print

You've probably seen these handmade checkerboard rugs flooding your Instagram feed by now—they've become somewhat of a fashion girl It piece—and I'll admit, I'm totally sold. I love how the graphic print adds an eye-catching element to the room, whether it be an area rug or something smaller like a checkered towel.


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4. Pastel Tones

Another trend I'm blaming on the '60s revival we're currently seeing. Saturated pastel tones like lavender, rose, and mint offer an interior décor aesthetic that's anything but minimal for anyone looking to liven up their neutral. I'm inspired to incorporate these uplifting colors into my space via wall art or a side table.


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5. Resin and Glass

Lastly, colored glass and resin pieces are filling my headspace right now, whether it be quirky vases, colored glassware, or the infamous mushroom-shaped table lamp as pictured above.


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