Honestly? These 7 Winter Trends Feel a Little Dated, According to Our Editors

We all hear that little voice in our heads that pipes up as we gaze longingly into our wardrobes, telling us we have nothing to wear. Deep down, however, we know this isn't the case. 

There's no denying that fashion is cyclical, and as such, we've learnt the hard way never to cast aside the items we once loved. Not only will they most likely come back into style, but you never know when you might happen across a more current way to wear them. Still, it's also inevitable that you'll get fed up of certain trends when they've been around for a while.

So, now that winter is upon us, our editors have come together to reveal the trends they personally won't be investing in for one reason or another. Perhaps it's that they already own items that fall under that category, have worn them so much they've lost the appeal they once had, or the trend doesn't fit in with their current aesthetic. Instead, they've revealed the pieces they'd rather spend their cash on for the season ahead. 

From the update we're seeing in boots across the market to the colour guaranteed to make your outfits look fresh, scroll below to see the "dated" winter trends our editors won't be buying into at this point in time. Do, however, stash them if you already own them, though, as they'll likely come back around again. Or if you love them, don’t let our personal opinion stop you! 

Pausing: Puffer Coats

Wearing: Tailored Coats


(Image credit: @ingridedvinsen)

"Dare I say a puffer coat?! I mean, they aren’t really dated and they will always serve a purpose, but I just don’t feel excited to wear one this winter even though I will probably default to them each weekend... Instead, I’d like to smarten things up with a classic tailored style for work, like a belted camel coat from Toteme!" – Hannah Almassi, Editor in Chief

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Pausing: Novelty Jumpers

Wearing: Fair Isle Knits


(Image credit: @anoukyve)

"Christmas jumpers are cute and even the cheesiest ones have charm, but in comparison to the sleek selection of fair isle knitwear that's cropping up on the market this season, I'll be steering clear of any pieces that feel too tethered to December 25th." – Remy Farrell, shopping editor 

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Pausing: Pink

Wearing: Red


(Image credit: @abimarvel)

"The Barbie movie's influence over fashion was fun while it lasted but, now, I'm over pink. Instead, I've found myself tempted by red tones lately. All over the runways for autumn/winter 2023 and spring/summer 2024, this is a trend that has serious staying power as we head into next year. I love how fashion people and celebrities are integrating red pieces into their everyday looks to give their winter neutrals a fresh lease of life." – Emily Dawes, affiliate editor

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Pausing: Slip Skirts

Wearing: Full Skirts


(Image credit: @deborabrosa)

"I would like to make it clear that I don't think slip skirts are 'out'. In fact, I wore one just yesterday! I wear them all the time actually, and there in lies my problem; they've lost their shine and appeal. So, I'm taking a break and, instead, I'm going to wear a full, A-line midi skirt in wool for work or taffeta for winter evenings out." – Maxine Eggenberger, deputy editor

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Pausing: Velvet

Wearing: Corduroy


(Image credit: @monikh)

"I have a few velvet pieces already in my wardrobe which I love and always reach for when I want to feel fancy. This winter, however, I find myself more drawn to corduroy clothing, which typically has a more tailored and timeless feel." – Poppy Nash, managing editor

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Pausing: Stiletto Boots

Wearing: Kitten-Heel Boots


(Image credit: @louisahatt)

"If you're someone who can still stand in a pair of four-inch heels after half an hour, more power to you. Me? By days of stilettos are behind me. So, I'm thankful for winter's return of the kitten heel, which is cropping up on all of 2024's coolest boots." – Joy Ejaria, social media editor

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Pausing: High-Waist Trousers

Wearing: Low-Rise Everything


(Image credit: @brooklynngallagher)

"Can't believe I'm saying this, but the low-rise is back with a vengeance and I'm actually on board. Be it bootleg trousers, baggy jeans or mini skirts, the lower, the better IMO! High-waist trousers will always be a part of my wardrobe but let's just say I won't be buying any new pairs this season." – Rebecca Rhys-Evans, branded content editor

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Maxine Eggenberger
Deputy Editor

Maxine Eggenberger is Who What Wear UK’s deputy editor and has over twelve years of experience in fashion journalism. She been creating engaging and elevated style content for Who What Wear UK since 2018, covering runway reports, emerging trends, long-form features, self-styled shopping stories, and columns, including her edit of the best new-in buys. She ensures the highest editorial standards are met across the site, works closely with influencer talent on content initiatives, represents the brand at industry events, and regularly contributes to social media. Previously, Maxine appeared on TV in her own fashion segment and has interviewed countless celebrities—everyone from Victoria Beckham to Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o. 

Prior to Who What Wear UK, Maxine’s career began when, after completing her first-ever internship, she was offered a position on the Look magazine fashion desk. She accepted, leaving university a year early in the process. She went on to become the title's fashion news and commercial content editor, with a stint as InStyle.co.uk’s fashion writer along the way. She later served as Look’s acting Editor in Chief before embarking on a successful freelance career, working with Grazia, The Pool, and Marie Claire amongst others. Maxine works remotely from her countryside home near Edinburgh.