You Already Own Everything You Need to Re-Create These 10 Easy Winter Outfits


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I know so many people who complain about getting dressed in the winter, but low-key, it's the easiest season to dress well in. If you own a few quality basics, a great coat, and cool accessories, you can just throw them on in more ways than one and head out the door. However, if you want to wear a little bit more than the basics, I wrote this article for you.

When it comes to winter fashion, the prospect of creating stylish outfits may seem daunting, but the key to an effortlessly chic winter wardrobe lies in realizing that you likely already possess everything you need. The secret? Embracing the art of versatility by shopping for a collection of cool pieces that can be mixed and matched to craft endless opportunities to look chic. Have the cozy and stylish winter you deserve by taking notes of the below 10 looks that are very easy to copy and paste onto your body.


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If you own a statement coat, putting together an outfit that goes right along with it will always be a piece of cake. Pair fabulous jeans with a good T-shirt and you're out the door.

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This is my ideal look for running errands. Wool coats are relatively new to my closet because I was always in down growing up, but you'd be surprised at how warm they can be.

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Wearing tights and heels in winter, even when it's frigid outside, makes you the definition of a fashion person. Just add a belt on top of your coat and you're good to go.

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Varsity jackets continue to impress me again and again. Styling this outerwear staple with a maxi denim skirt is peak cool. It's the perfect look for running around any city.

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Layering is obviously a huge part of winter, but there's a difference between layering for warmth and layering for fashion. I choose layering for fashion every time.

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Shearling jackets are warm AF. Style yours with a turtleneck to keep you even warmer without sacrificing style.

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A friend told me that she saw multiple people accidentally matching each other in striped sweaters while walking into her workplace the other day. You won't regret wearing one—I promise.

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People who say wearing white during winter is a fashion faux pas are wrong. I'm obsessed with winter whites, and these pants prove my point.

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If you want to wear a slip skirt in the winter, try throwing leggings on under it to keep yourself warm. A trench coat doesn't hurt either. Note: swap in a heavier coat depending on your local climate.

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I am currently obsessing over maxi coats because, in more ways than one, they double as a giant dress. The best part is you can wear whatever you want underneath. It's a win-win.

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