I Asked the Team—These Are the Hair Colour Trends They're Definitely Not Trying

As a beauty editor, it's my job to keep you updated on all of the latest hair trends. From the sleekest haircuts to the most sought-after styles, I'm always speaking to experts and filling you in on what to go for. I know I've spoken a lot about the biggest hair colours of 2024, but recently, people have been asking me which hair colours I will be avoiding this year instead.

In my opinion, hair, like makeup and fashion, is totally subjective, and you should choose whatever colour, cut and style works for you and that you love. That being said, after speaking to my fellow editors at Who What Wear UK, it seems that there are a few colours that they've also decided aren't for them in 2024, which I found interesting. I thought you might too, which is why we're here. 

From everyone's suggestions, it appears that we all want to opt for low-maintenance, easy-to-wear hair colours this year, and who can blame us? I personally love a more natural look, as it means that I can go a little bit longer between hair appointments. If you're also someone who likes a more subtle colour, then I highly recommend that you keep on scrolling to see which shades the team members I asked won't be trying out this year, caveated by the ones they're into. 

Pausing: Ashy Blonde

Introducing: Natural Blonde


(Image credit: @sofiarichiegrainge)

Bleach-blonde shades were all the rage a few years ago, but lately, we've been noticing a shift, and people are opting for more natural blonde hues and are starting to embrace their darker roots. Our deputy editor Maxine Eggenberger is a big fan of this trend. "Personally, I wouldn't go for ashy grey-blonde anymore, as it feels quite outdated in comparison to the fresher, more natural blondes we're seeing come through now. The toner might look nice at the time, but I've found my ashy colour fades very fast. So, it's warm, honeyed blonde for me from here on out."


(Image credit: @sabinasocol)

There are lots of ways to achieve this look, from blonde balayage to warm highlights, but always talk to your hairdresser to see what would work best for you.

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Pausing: Thick Money Pieces

Introducing: Face-Framing Highlights


(Image credit: @rosiehw)

Remember when everyone was opting for really thick, really bright money pieces? These are thick sections of colour that frame the face in contrast to the colour of the rest of your hair. According to our beauty editor Eleanor Vousden this trend is going to take a backseat in 2024 as subtler face-framing pieces take the lead.


(Image credit: @jlo)

Lots of celebrities are trying out this trend, which involves hints of fresh colour around the face, with a slightly more muted hue throughout the rest of your strands. Hairdressers favour it for the lift it gives and the dimension it has. I love it, too. 

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Pausing: Light Brown Highlights

Introducing: Dark, Glossy Brunette Shades


(Image credit: @emmanuellek_)

As a naturally dark brunette, I always used to get highlights to achieve more of a light brown finish. However, I've been seeing dark, glossy, chocolate brown shades all over Instagram lately, proving that you can and should feel able to embrace your natural hue. I'm now looking for ways to make the most of my dark-brown hair with glossing treatments and products. 


(Image credit: @nnennaechem)

I love how shiny and healthy this colour makes your hair look, and I'm definitely excited to ditch the bleach and embrace my naturally dark hues.

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Pausing: Lilac Shades

Introducing: Peach Hues


(Image credit: @anthonyholguin)

We all know that celebrities love to dye their hair different colours, and there was a period when pastel lilac was taking over. However, editor-in-chief Hannah Almassi won't be opting for this shade any time soon. "I don't know if it's 'out', but it's just not for me," she says. In the spirit of keeping things more natural, I predict that peach hues will be the new go-to for something a bit different. 


(Image credit: @ritaora)

If you didn't know, "peach fuzz" is actually Pantone's Colour of the Year for 2024, which is another reason why I think this hair colour will be big for spring and summer.

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