7 Things Danish Girls Always Wear Instead of Jeans

When looking for fresh outfit ideas and innovative styling techniques, I always start out by stalking the Danish girls I follow on Instagram. No, seriously: I can almost guarantee that over half of my saved images on the app are images of Danish clothing styles I want to try. While religiously analyzing every fashion move these girls make, I noticed something unusual—Danish girls hardly ever wear jeans.

Yes, these women wear jeans from time to time, but overall, Danish girls always choose something else. I don't know about you, but I'm constantly finding myself in a denim outfit rut. You know the one—sweater, jeans, and boots or a T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers worn on repeat. Both are solid outfit ideas but after a while, the repetitiveness can really grind your gears. In cases like this, turn to the bylaws of Danish girl clothing style and opt for anything but denim.

Including everything from track pants to statement tights, read on to find out which items Danish girls always reach for before throwing on their jeans.

Track Pants

Both comfortable and cool, joggers or track pants are a staple amongst Danish girls' wardrobes. They often style the pants with hoodies and sneakers or colorful sweaters and cowboy boots. 


No one dresses up a suit quite like the Danish. Typically opting for bright hues and contrasting accessories, these women have made this once-conservative set one of the coolest outfit ideas around. 

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Statement Tights

Dressing the Danish way means no pants, no problem. Whether they are accompanying a miniskirt or are tackling the whole lampshading trend, statement tights somehow always seem to work their way into the ensembles of these girls, and we're very into it.

Long Dresses

For those days when dreaming up an outfit consisting of a top, a bottom, shoes, and an outerwear piece, do things the Danish way and throw on a long printed dress instead. In typical Danish fashion, they'll wear said long dresses with dad sneakers and a bucket hat, as one does.

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Printed Trousers

When I think of a Danish girl's closet, I think of rows and rows of insanely fun printed tailored trousers. No matter the season or occasion, these ladies have proven they're the queens of making a pair of pants go a long way. 

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Boiler Suits

Boiler suits are a trend that started bubbling last year here in the U.S., but after some research, it seems Danish girls have been wearing this utility-inspired jumpsuit style for years. Figures, right?

Midi Skirts

Last but not least is midi skirts. Yes, this article of clothing is common in most women's closets, no matter where they're from, but the way Danish girls style this item is a step above the rest. Whether they mix in tights, barrettes, or windbreakers, they're sure to make these skirts look strikingly cool. 

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