20 Cute Winter Dresses Fashion Girls Love

cute winter dresses


Sandra Semburg

More of a dress than a pants kind of a gal? Then winter might prove to be a difficult month of dressing for you, and that just won't do. Cute winter dresses do exist, and if you leave the shopping up to us, you'll be guaranteed a frock that is both warm and stylish. 

The first rule of thumb for searching for a perfectly cute winter dress is to always opt for long sleeves. You'll be tempted to reach for your favorite go-to silk slip dress or that short-sleeve floral wrap dress you can't get enough of, but when push comes to shove, an extra layer underneath your coat is never a bad idea. Ahead, we've rounded up our favorite cute winter dresses on the market for your shopping pleasure including every attire from cocktail to day. 

Go on to shop the cute winter dresses we'll be shopping this season. 

Those sleeves will be a major conversation starter. 

Available in sizes X to 3X and XS to XXL.

You can still show a little leg in the winter. 

Available in sizes 0 to 12. 

Layering made easy.

Available in sizes 0 to 14. 

Looks like a trench but is actually a dress. 

Available in sizes XS to XL. 

You can't deny the flattering qualities of this neutral sweaterdress. 

Available in sizes 0 to 3. 

This dress will wrap you up in all the right places. 

Available in sizes 2 to 12. 

Ruffles fit for a cool girl. 

Available in sizes 2 to 14. 

If you're going to wear a mini dress in the winter, make it this. 

Available in sizes 32 to 46.

Oversize has never looked so good. 

Available in sizes S to L. 

A little bit witchy, a little bit boho. 

Available in sizes 4 to 8. 

Brighten up your winter wardrobe with some stark white hues. 

Available in sizes 0 to 12. 

This basic will do you wonders this season. 

Available in sizes XS to L.

Holiday dressing has never looked so cool. 

Available in sizes XS to L. 

Prairie girl meets city girl. 

Available in sizes 36 to 40.

A knit dress that will go down in history. 

Available in sizes XS to M.

A sale price has never been so tempting. 

Available in sizes 4 to 12. 

Shine bright in this festive printed frock. 

Available in sizes 14 to 26.

That ribbing gives us the chills. 

Available in sizes XS to L. 

If you're craving a cut-out dress this season, opt for one with lengthier sleeves. 

Available in sizes 0 to 10.

Yes, yes, and yes to this rich velvet party dress. 

Available in sizes 10 to 18.

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