12 Cute Umbrellas That Go So Well With a Trench Coat

I think we can all agree that getting caught in a rainstorm or leaving the house unprepared for the day's precipitation is one of the most unfortunate weather scenarios to get caught in. As long as the weather report is accurate, we'll be prepping for the next downpour by shopping the one essential we can't really leave the house without: an umbrella. But not just any umbrella—a cute umbrella that won't clash with the rest of our outfit (if we're lucky).

If you lament the fact that the clunky accessory so often obscures whatever cool combination your closet came up with that day, may we suggest giving a clear PVC umbrella a go? Alternately, for those facing an endless series of rainy days, swap that classic plain umbrella for a much more eye-catching version. Below, find four cute umbrella styles that were handpicked to go with a weather-appropriate trench coat (or really any other jacket of choice).

Now you'll never get caught unprepared the next time it rains. Weather forecast: strong chance of style ahead.