This $25 H&M Skirt Is a Dead Ringer for Serena Williams's Red Carpet Version

Wimbledon isn't until July, but tennis great Serena Williams was spotted in London wearing a tennis skirt during the city's recent fashion week. Williams, who may or may not be retired from the sport, wore Moncler to the brand's presentation, complete with a varsity-inspired sweatshirt and sporty tennis-style skirt.

While the Moncler look is currently only available to the GOAT, we were delighted to spot a similar black tennis skirt with stripes at H&M for just $25 plus a few new designs from Venus Williams's athleisure brand, Eleven. Plus, tennis skirts now come in a variety of vibrant colors, so we're eager to branch out from our traditional tennis whites and explore a slightly less preppy look

So why wait until spring to sport this trend? We've pulled 15 cute tennis skirts to shop now and wear all season long, both on and off the courts. Trust us, you're going to ace this look.



WHO: Serena Williams
WHAT: London Fashion Week 2023
WEAR: Moncler Genius sweatshirt and skirt

Shop the H&M Version

Pretty spot-on for just $25, right?

Shop Other Cute Tennis Skirts

Pair it with a polo to unleash your inner prep.

Pair this blue skirt with matching tennis shoes for a Serena-approved look.

A miniskirt that packs a major punch of pink.

If you already love Lululemon's leggings, just wait until you try this tennis skirt.

Notice the unique flounce of this design.