The Coolest Shoe-and-Sock Combos to Try Now

Photo: Style du Monde

Looking for a cheap and stylish way to update your shoe game? Well, we’ve got a creative idea that's both. Try pairing your favorite heel or sneaker with a cute sock or stocking to achieve just the right high-low cost combination one needs for an elevated looking outfit. Since shoes tend to be one of the items we invest the most money in (and rightfully so), why not upgrade your shoe of choice from past seasons with these chic sock options? From the bold and fashion-forward to the office-appropriate and casual, we’ve rounded up the cutest combination to try now. Pro-tip: If you work in a traditional office setting, try the trend in monochrome for a conservative yet chic ensemble.

The Look: Monochrome

Photo: Style du Monde

The Look: Bold 

Photo: Style du Monde

The Look: Ladylike

Photo: Style du monde.

Get creative with your combinations––Try the look with sneakers, slides, and more.