This Lingerie Is Cute, But It's Also Really Comfortable


Sonia Szóstak for Le Petit Trou

When it comes to updating your lingerie drawer, we’ve shared the top three bras every woman should own, the lingerie trend that weirdly made me happier, and the seven best thongs, according to the internet (to name a few topics). Today we’re adding to the list of helpful undergarment shopping tips and sharing cute lingerie to add to your spring wardrobe that also happens to be extremely comfortable. From online ratings to customer reviews (and my personal stamp of approval), these are the pieces that will freshen your bra-and-panty selection without the worry of whether an item will actually be comfortable.

Whether you’re looking for a new everyday bra that’s anything but boring or a playful piece like ruffled underwear for when you’re looking to give your simple undies a rest, each spring lingerie piece is so beautiful and comes with rave reviews. Ahead, read about what makes each pretty undergarment worth the purchase—and the standout recommendation.