How This Lingerie Trend Weirdly Made Me Happier


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Without question, lingerie is such a personal topic, particularly when it comes to preference and shopping for the right style and fit. While we’ve shared universal tips like the three bra styles everyone should own and the surprising amount of wears your bra can last before washing, today I’m slightly switching gears and sharing how changing my go-to undergarment situation weirdly made me happier. If you’re anything like me, you probably have one or two bras you wear on repeat and then a selection of underwear in rotation. In an effort to test out some of the season’s most talked-about lingerie trends, I swapped out my basic nude bras for cute bra-and-panty sets because, as we pointed out earlier this year, matching sets are one of the biggest trends in lingerie right now. Which also means I had plenty of brands to explore during this experiment.

So what happens when you swap your exhausted bra for a pretty matching set? To be clear, by no means am I suggesting this undergarment update is life-changing (or necessary, at that), but for me, this swap made me significantly happier, so I figured why not share the somewhat silly tip? My takeaway: Not only was I genuinely in a happier mood, but the additional two to three minutes I took for myself in the morning deciding which pretty set to wear (although trivial) was a great reminder to slow down and always make time to feel your best. This esteem carried throughout the day and solidified the importance of making time for yourself to set the tone of your day. Whether that means spending more time on your hair before work or carving out the time to cook yourself breakfast, it’s important and it works.

I’ll be the first to admit this is a small swap and the furthest thing from life-changing, but the extra effort I put into my undergarment choice gave my overall confidence a boost. To ensure I hadn’t lost it and I wasn’t alone, I reached out to Fleur du Mal founder Jennifer Zuccarini to chat about the theory, and Zuccarini agreed: "Lingerie is the first thing you put on, especially if you are dressing in front of a mirror. There’s something psychological about putting on a great set that makes you feel more put together, confident, and often sexier—even if no one else sees, it’s like, I’ve got this; it’s going to be a good day,” she added. Down to give it a try? I’ve made it easy for you and shopped the best matching bra-and-underwear sets below. 

While this change in my undergarment choice made me happier, there are other (fashionable) ways to increase your happiness and confidence, like these joyful purchases.

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