20 Pieces of Chic Lingerie Everyone Should Own


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It’s time to invest in your lingerie collection. Before going crazy with sheer bodysuits, colorful bustiers, and fussy underwire tops, build one of the most important collections in your wardrobe from the tried-and-true basics. As self-proclaimed lingerie obsessives, we can never get enough of this under-layer, and we want to share all our tried-and-true rules with you.

The best part about shopping for lingerie is that basic doesn’t ever have to mean boring. We’re challenging the assumption of what “essential” means when it comes to your lingerie drawer, and we are fairly certain it’s one of the best sartorial choices we’ve ever made. There’s something just so gorgeous about lingerie as a ready-to-wear category that it seems like a shame to miss out on their full potential. Whether you’re someone who loves to show off your elegant lace bralette under a sheer top or you’re pretty sure no one will even catch a glimpse of your bra strap, let alone receive a full-frontal view, every piece of lingerie you own should make you and happy and proud to wear it.

So forget everything your parents ever told you about what you “need” when shopping for lingerie and instead focus on a mighty band of lingerie essentials that will effortlessly make you feel more elegant—even if no one else sees them but you.

Whether you want to show them off or keep them all to yourself, make sure you have the above essentials on hand before shopping for anything else when it comes to your lingerie.