I Found the Perfect Holiday Outfits for Us—You're Welcome

It feels like forever since we were able to end the year with as much glitz and glamour as we are used to. The fancy dresses in my closet have been begging for a night out, and I'm happy to be finally telling them their time has come. Every fashion person's favorite season has arrived. The holidays are the perfect time to have fun with personal style, so if you're looking for outfits that will be a hit at every party you attend, you're in good hands. But please note that this holiday season, there's going to be more on my calendar than getting dressed up. I'm also planning outfits for casual affairs like Christmas movie nights with my girlfriends and ice-skating in Central Park on a perfect winter day.

I'm kind of a pro at this point when it comes to stocking up my wardrobe with everything I'll need to get through the busiest time of the year. I've gone ahead and done a deep dive through my Instagram feed to round up the screenshot-worthy outfits that you and I both need to copy. I've brainstormed every possible scenario that the holiday season could bring us, and these looks will definitely bring the confidence level required to own the room. I'll be wearing these cute holiday outfits all season long. Scroll on to find the right one for you. 

Silky Smooth
Cute holiday outfits



There's no problem that a matching set can't fix. This holiday season, I'm stocking up. I'll be able to style each piece two or three ways, so it is a really smart purchase given the number of events on my calendar.

Shop the look:

This piece will definitely stand out among my collection of slip skirts with its unique ruching and twist-tied knot.

Pretty in Prep
Cute holiday outfits for December



I'm also preparing myself for several daytime festivities. You have to be careful not to overuse red or green this time of year, but this outfit is giving me candy cane or gingerbread house vibes without coming off as too much.

I've never seen a better plaid skirt.

Pajama Party
Cute holiday outfits for Christmas morning



Whether it's Christmas morning or a family brunch, rolling out of bed to spend time with your loved ones never looked chicer. I always treat myself to a new pair of pajamas this time of year, and I'm planning to finally go all in with a Sleeper set.

Shop the look:

It's amazing what a feather trim can do.

A quick fix to Christmas-morning bedhead.

Destination Vacation
Cute holiday outfits for vacation



If you're lucky enough to be spending the holidays somewhere tropical this year, I expect you to take full advantage of that warm weather. A maxi dress always deserves to make the packing list. Dress it up with an equally vibrant pair of shoes, and you're ready to relax in style.

The best thing about planning a warm-weather vacation during winter is that some of the best summer items are on sale.

Go for Glamour
Cute holiday outfits for a party



The entire WWW team has been buzzing about gloves for a few months, and we've finally arrived at the time to put them into action. A classic black LBD is taken to the next level when a long glove gets involved.

Shop the look:

This might be the dress they would present to me at the gates of heaven.

I'd definitely make good use out of this hair accessory during the holiday season. 

Meet the Parents
Cute holiday outfits for a casual affair



If your holiday season has a few casual affairs on the agenda, you can still find a way to make them chic by dressing down your favorite midi skirts. Wearing knits on knits is always a good idea.

Shop the look:

I think I'm on my third polo sweater now, and just know I wear them nearly every day.

My favorite thing about the strategically placed G-string lines on this skirt is that you can easily take the piece from day to night by deciding when you want to show them off. 

Feather Frenzy
Cute holiday outfits with feathers



If there's a time to wear something as maximalist as a feather dress or top, it's now. The idea of matching your top to your eye shadow is pure genius.

Shop the look:

Orange had a big moment this year, so I can't let it end without wearing the vibrant shade one last time.

Every time Zara drops new jeans, one pair goes viral, and I'm predicting this one will have a big moment.

Miniskirt Moment
Cute holiday outfits to copy



Let your statement miniskirt guide the rest of your look. I love how so many geometric shapes come together in this outfit for a very cool contrast.

Shop the look:

If you don't have a good blazer yet, the holidays are a good excuse to fix that.

Sweaterdress Season
Cute holiday outfits that are easy to wear



I've been lounging in a knit dress for some time now, but I love the idea of having one that feels really dressed up for a holiday occasion. It's nice to know that I'll be so comfortable for the entire event.

Shop the look:

I demand you click through to see the back of this dress—it's absolutely stunning.

My Ideal Color Palette
Cute holiday outfits for any occasion.



Playing with color schemes that are close but not quite the same always comes off as a cool-girl move. You'll be able to wear these two finds in more ways than one.

Shop the look:

This bodysuit will look fabulous on its own but also cool layered underneath a good polo knit.

I think a luxury splurge is necessary this time of year.